Study in Montreal (Canada): Cost for Indian students after 12th


Students planning to opt for study program in Canada would look for a program in a university which suits their budget. Quality of Education, facilities and outcome of a study abroad program are must important. But the cost of study in Canada is a major concern for both the applicants and their proud parents. Regardless of what financial means you adopt be it loan or having a savings the cost of Canada study program plays an important role in deciding the career path which suits your pocket. It can be challenging for many.

Going forward, we would be discussing the lucrative option of study in Montreal. Why you ask? Montreal is called a cultural capital of the country and is among the largest cities in Canada and offers budget friendly study in Montreal programs for Indian students.


The city boasts of having 4 leading Canadian universities and 12 general and vocational colleges and 7 other educational institutions all located in less than 10 km radius. Montreal has highest concentration of post secondary students and the city hosts more than 30 thousand international students who opt for study in Montreal program. According to QS ranking the city has ranked 6th in top student cities just after Berlin and Paris in the 2019 list.


Now let us discuss the life for Indian students after 12th that opt for study in Montreal (Canada) program:



Study in Montreal for Indian students after 12th: Student Life



Montreal is the most populated municipalities in Canadian province of Quebec and second most populous in Canada. With French and English ethnicities, food, entertainment and more the city offers a dynamic environment to Indian students to explore the cultural capital. There are numerous festivals Francofolies, Jazz Festival and more which you could explore while staying in Canada under a study in Montreal program.






  1. Major universities under study in Montreal (Canada) offer accommodation facilities to Indian students who enroll for studying in Montreal after 12th.
  2. The cost of university offered accommodation is between CAD 400-700 monthly.
  3. Students can also opt for private accommodations for which the cost is approximately 6500-7000 CAD annually.
  4. Other than you could also reduce the cost of study in Montreal by planning to study in shared accommodations.




  1. The cost of living in Montreal for Indian students after 12th is relatively low as compared to other larger North American Cities.
  2. For food, a basic lunchtime menu in any business district can cost around CAD $16 while in a fast food restaurant CAD $10 is sufficient.
  3. For groceries a loaf of bread is CAD $2.24 while a litre of whole fat milk is CAD $2.26 while a kilo of boneless chicken breast is CAD $6.
  4. Make a note that goods and service tax and Quebec sales tax are collected on most consumer goods and services at the end.




  1. For utilities you need approximately CAD 1,200 per year.







  1. Healthcare insurance in Montreal is CAD 1,000 annually.
  2. You would qualify for subsidized healthcare provided you do not leave the province for 21 days.



Recreation and Entertainment


  1. Montreal is widely known for its 120 festivals and annual parades.
  2. Large concentrations of ethnic groups such as Caribbean, Africans, Arabs, Asians, Latino, Indians and Pakistani.
  3. For cultural festivals recreation and entertainment a student can study in Montreal with a budget for entertainment at CAD 1,800.




Phone Bill and Internet



  1. For phone bill you need to have CAD $720 while for internet CAD $ 600 is required.
  2. You can definitely reduce this annual internet cost if you share the facility on a sharing basis.






  1. The transportation around Montreal is accessible and cost friendly.
  2. It is available readily for Indian students and other foreign students.
  3. The cost of transportation annually is CAD $ 597.
  4. Further Montreal network offers reduced fare for students under 25.


Work while studying opportunity


  1. Working while studying is an option available to Indian students who are worried about reducing the cost of study in Montreal.
  2. You can easily work 20 hours per week part time during your study course.
  3. Therefore you can easily reduce the cost of study in Montreal and cover up many expeditures.



Tuition cost as per different colleges



The tuition cost for famous colleges and universities is as below:

  1. McGill University– CAD 15,000 to CAD 50,000 per annum depending on your undergraduate course. For post-graduation course the fee begins at CAD 3000 to CAD 50,000.
  2. University of Montreal– Undergraduate study course CAD 58,070 approx.
  3. Concordia University– CAD 20,000
  4. University of Quebec– is tentatively CAD 20,000


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