Top colleges in Ontario, Canada


Ontario is one of the most popular and populous province in Canada and very popular choice among students planning to enroll for study in Canada program. While Canada as an option of study is very popular due to the many benefits a Canadian education offers. To begin with, firstly one gets leading quality education from top notch academic institutes which are ranked highest in the QS standings. Secondly, the high employment opportunities once you hold a Canadian degree in hand are remarkable. Thirdly, there are numerous scholarships you can opt for to begin your academic pathway. Moreover, there are numerous post study work opportunities and chances of applying for permanent residency. With Ontario as a preferred choice it is wise to know the top colleges in Ontario Canada.



Here are the top colleges in Ontario, Canada:


  1. Sheridan


Sheridan College is one of the leading institutions of postsecondary and has around 23,000 full time and 21,000 part time students continuing education in the three campuses in Ontario cities- Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton. Sheridan has more than 175,000 alumni who have been responsible in shaping society in numerous fields such as arts, business, community services, technology, skilled trades and health. The college offers more than 120 programs which include 25 programs of degrees. There are around 7000 international students from 80 countries. More than 2000 students are enrolled in Sheridan for co-operative education. The faculties in Sheridan include animations, arts and design, applied health and community studies, applied science and technology, humanities and social sciences. At Sheridan students are involved not in the classroom but are seen exploring extracurricular activities around the campus.



  1. Seneca


Seneca College is another popular choice among students looking for top colleges in Ontario. There are more than 300 programs and more than 500 career options for students. Seneca offers numerous ranges of credentials and flexible learning options so that you can choose your own path of study and learn the way which seems comfortable to you. There are integrated learning options for students where you can combine in classroom learning with practical exposure outside. The programs at Seneca are in diploma, degree, certificates and graduate levels. Seneca is one of the largest colleges in Canada, with around 30,000 students enrolled in full time courses and around 70,000 in continuing education programs every year. The college has been ranked number 1 in pathway colleges for post-secondary education in Ontario.



  1. Centennial


Centennial College is the first public college established in 1966 situated in the largest city of Toronto. Currently, the college has more than 7000 international students enrolled in the Toronto campuses. Centennial is a cosmopolitan learning hub.  Volunteer experience is part of graduate program where students are taught to engage in local and international opportunities. Centennial is known for its global teaching standards which includes a mandatory course in all programs. Further, portfolio is a requirement for graduation, internships, co-op work terms. Centennial offers 250 plus diploma, certificate and degree programs both full and part time courses in business, media arts, community and consumer services, healthcare, transportation and engineering technology. Centennial has an enrolment rate of 21,000 full time students and 19,000 part time learners enrolled every year.



  1. Humber


Humber College is known for offering something for everyone. With state the art labs, creative spaces, internships, work placements and award-winning faculties.  There are more than 190 full-time and 200 plus continuing education programs to choose from for students and programs are available in apprenticeship, certificate, diploma, bachelor degree and postgraduate programs. Humber has three campuses with more than 33,000 full time and 23,000 part time students enrolled. Other than this the college offers more than 300 online courses and 40 plus online programs.



  1. Conestoga


Conestoga is famous as being the leader in polytechnic education offering student’s career-focused learning opportunities. There are numerous courses in business, engineering, culinary arts and hospitality, skilled trades, information technology, health and life sciences, community services and media and design which make students ready to face the employment market head-on. Conestoga caters to more than 16,500 full-time students and has been known to keeping pace with the changing job market scenarios and making the students ready with the designed skills and knowledge as required by employers today.



  1. Niagara


Niagara College is an established leader in applied education and is known as being the most enterprising colleges in Canada. The college continuously works on ensuring its mission of enriching lives and fulfilling dreams is met by offering students world class real-world learning opportunities to not only succeed in classrooms but beyond. Niagara College is ranked among the top colleges in Ontario as per Key Performance indicator survey. With more than 13,000 students enrolled in more than 125 programs of post secondary diploma, graduate certificate, apprenticeship and bachelor the college has invested in the research and innovation programs too recently.



  1. Northern


Northern College is known for 100 percent employer satisfaction as per key performance indicator and also offers learning environment where a small student teacher ratio is maintained to offer personalized attention to students. Northern College was among the leading English speaking colleges in Ontario with students reporting satisfaction rate of 92.9% with skills being taught as per future employment requirement. Currently more than 650 international students are enrolled in the northern campuses of the college. Other than signature programs the college has developed curriculum and programs for handling pandemic crises such as Emergency Management, Terrorism and Pandemic Planning graduate certificate, Cyber security and Threat/Risk Assessment.


  1. Fanshaw


Fanshaw College has a history going back to 50 years and has established its name in numerous locations such as London, Simcoe, St.Thomas, Woodstock and Bruce. The college offers more than 200 programs that include certificates, diplomas, honours bachelor degrees and post graduate studies and 60 plus cooperative programs. The current full time student enrollment strength stands at 21,000 while 22,000 students are enrolled in part time courses. International students at the college account for 7,500. The college is known for having one of the largest campuses in the province with state of the art learning and experimental facilities available.


  1. Lambton



Lambton College is a well known college in Ontario for Applied Arts and Technology. The college offers State-of-the art equipment and facilities. And also small class sizes which allow for personalized learning opportunities. Currently there are more than 2,500 full-time students along with International students from more than 30 countries. The college offers 50 plus programs in apprenticeship, certificate, diploma and degree level. The five schools at Lambton include- Technology, Applied Science and Apprenticeships; Liberal Studies; Health and Community Services; Business and Sports Administration; Fire Sciences.



  1. Lawrence


St. Lawrence College has more than 100 full-time programs and has campuses in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall. The college offers more than 100 full time programs, one year certificate programs, two and three year diploma and advanced diploma programs and four year degree programs. It also offers fast track administration programs, graduate certificate one year programs to students already having diploma or degree, apprenticeship training and many online programs.



  1. Cambrian



Cambrian College campus holds a tradition which goes back to 50 years. Currently the college has an alumni network of 56,000. The college is one of the largest colleges in northern Ontario with 4300 students in full time courses and more than 75 programs. The average student teacher ratio is 22:1 and the college is among the top 50 research colleges in Canada. The college offers Degree pathways that are available for all diploma and advanced diploma programs.



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