New Zealand General Visitor Visa

New Zealand General Visitor Visa

New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots of scenic beauty. To visit New Zealand for tourism purposes or to visit friends or relatives staying in New Zealand you need to apply for General visitor visas to New Zealand.

Grant of your New Zealand General visitor visa depends on number of factors. It is not only dependent upon providing bank statements with funds in it, the filing  of your New Zealand General visitor visa application demands much more  than that to enable the case officer to make a positive decision about your General  visitor  visa application to New Zealand.

factors influencing General visitor visa application for New Zealand.

  • Clear purpose of your visit.

Firstly your application must clearly state your purpose of visit. You must clearly mention in your visa application what you intend to do in New Zealand.

  • Occupational ties in your home country

It is not only enough to provide funds in your visitor visa application. Having funds indicates that you can support yourself while on visitor visa in New Zealand but these do not demonstrate that your visit is temporary. To satisfy the Immigration New Zealand that your visit to New Zealand is temporary you need to document strong occupational ties in your home country.

  • Financial ties in your home country

Having strong financial ties in your home country is another positive indicator of you being a bona fide visitor. You must provide as much documentation as possible to assist the case officer in making a decision about your application.

  • Social and Family Ties in your home country

You need to provide strong documentary evidence of your social and family ties in your home country which would convince the case officer that you would depart New Zealand once your purpose of visit is over

Single / Multiple Entry Visa

Depending on your circumstances and requirement the case officer may grant you multiple entry visas or a single entry visa. The visa duration of both types of entry is fixed.

Processing Time

The current processing time for General visa applications is about 24 days. The time may vary as per your individual circumstances.

Why West Highlander

It is of utmost importance that you document purpose of your visit as well as your ties in your country of residence. Every person has got their individual ties so you need to prepare your application accordingly.

At West Highlander we ensure that we have in depth discussions with our clients and prepare General visitor visa checklist as per your circumstances. Our personalized approach towards our clients ensures that we are able to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. West Highlander is the best visitor visa consultant for New Zealand  visitor visa in Chandigarh. As per the Immigration Adviser Authority New Zealand - any person who provides you with New Zealand immigration advice must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt. This includes people providing New Zealand immigration advice from China, India or anywhere in the world. Ms Parwinder Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority - IAA, New Zealand.

  • Licensed Immigration Adviser
  • One Stop Solution
  • Licensed & Regulated
  • Nominal Charges
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  • Features and Benefits:

    • Beautiful country with adventure sports and friendly people.
    • Genuine visitors may apply with family holidays in New Zealand.
    • Years of Experience with excellent success rate
    • Successful experience in dealing with complicated cases
    • Accurate case assessment for successful outcome of applications
    • Independently case handling by experienced and License holder
    • Competitive prices with excellent services
  • Eligibility

    • To successfully get your visitor visa you must prove that you are a bona fide applicant. You must provide along with your application the evidence that you genuinely intend to visit New Zealand. You must also provide evidence that you have enough funds for your proposed stay in New Zealand. The money must be legally acquired and earned.
    • You must provide the documentation of your sponsor who you intend to visit in New Zealand; it depends on the visa category of your sponsor in New Zealand.
    • Immigration New Zealand accepts applications from only licensed immigration advisers. Unlicensed immigration advice is strictly prohibited and results in refusal of your visitor visa application.
    • Ms Parwinder Kaur is a licensed immigration advisor licensed by immigration adviser, Licensed by Immigration advisor Authority New Zealand. She has got a full license and does not have any condition attached to her license. Being a full license holder she can independently handle your case with experience of successfully dealing with complicated cases. She has hot the knowledge to handle the cases appropriately which results in high visa success rate of the application.
  • Steps in process

    • STEP-1 : Gather documentation .
    • STEP-2 : Go for medicals & Police Clearance Certificates
    • STEP-3 : Gather other personal documentation
    • STEP-4 : Apply for your visa with Immigration, New Zealand
  • Why West Highlander

    • Choosing the right visa category and providing supporting documentation is very important for the success of visa application. West Highlander has a tremendous success rate of family visa application. We look into the details f the case minutely so that it can be presented properly with the embassy. We have years of experience in dealing with complicated cases having a number of refusals before the case came to us. We successfully removed all the objections and we have a number of happy clients who successfully joined their spouses after applying for their visas through Ms Parwinder Kaur, Licensed immigration adviser by IAA, New Zealand.

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