Opportunities for you in Germany as a Study-Abroad Aspirant

Germany is one of the great countries for pursuing education from abroad. After China and Russia, India is the third in the row of which Germany accommodates International Students who come to study in Germany. This is because as an Educational Destination, Germany has a lot to offer to the students outside Germany.

The opportunities that a study abroad aspirant can avail by pursuing their studies in Germany are:

  • Study for FREE

Germany is one of the rare countries that provide FREE education to the Internationals Students as well along with the students from Germany itself. You can have high-quality education at absolutely No Tuition Fees Costs if you prefer to study in Germany’s Public Universities.

  • Get Scholarship

Along with having Education at absolutely No Tuition Fees, study abroad aspirants can also avail scholarship through which they get support their living in Germany.

  • Study in English

In Germany, it is not necessary that you’ve to study in Germany. For International Students on internationalising the Education, Germany has provided a great range of programs in English language itself for the students outside Germany who prefer to study in Germany.

  • Learn New Language

By studying in English at your own comfort, in Germany you’re also given opportunity to learn German which will increase your career prospects if you plan to work in Germany after completing your studies in Germany.

  • Work while and after your study in Germany

You are allowed to work for 20 hours per week as an International Student while you study in Germany. After completion of your studies, you’ll get 18 months Post-Study-Work allowance which means that you can work in Germany for 18 months after completing your study in Germany.

  • Blue-Card System and Job-Seeker Visa

Through this you can easily seek for Permanent Residency in Germany. Or you may further opt for Job-Seeker visa to search for job in Germany.

Germany is overall a great destination for your abroad education. To have more info on study in Germany, consult West Highlander to meet study abroad counselling experts for guidance.