Pursue a career in Petroleum Engineering in Canada by studying at CBU

Among all the Engineering Disciplines, Petroleum Engineering is the one in which the Engineers get the most lucrative salaries. But this is not the only advantage of being a Petroleum Engineer, there’s a lot in Petroleum Engineering for you in which you can count following:

  • Less competition as there are only limited Colleges and Universities offering degree concerning Petroleum Engineering.
  • A great range of career options can be pursued one you’re through with your degree of Petroleum Engineering.
  • You’ll also get to travel different places for oil explorations.
  • It is noted that the requirements of Petroleum Engineers will increase in the upcoming decade leading to new job opportunities.
  • One may also opt to become a Researcher.

In order to make Petroleum Engineering as your field of expertise then resort yourself to study Petroleum Engineering in Canada – an educational destination preferred by most of the Internationals students who aspire to have globally recognised qualification to make brilliant career in the future.

Where you can study Petroleum Engineering in Canada?

Cape Breton University is the first university college in Canada based in Nova Scotia Province of Canada in Cape Breton Island. CBU accommodates 1,000 of International Students coming from over 50 countries around the globe to study in Canada. Cape Breton University offers following level of program to International Students landing to study in Canada:

Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Petroleum

BET in Petroleum major is offered by Cape Breton University to the students who want to study petroleum engineering in Canada. This is a 3 year degree which cost approximately around CAD$8,040.00 (4, 33,460) per year. In this program, student focuses on exploring, drilling, producing, recovering the offshore Petroleum Industry. Cape Breton University’s BET in Petroleum is the combination of theoretical learning with gaining technical expertise via practical experience.

What are the requirements to study Petroleum Engineering in Canada at Cape Breton University?

  • Academic – You need to have atleast 65% with two Science Courses (Physics and Chemistry) with Mathematics in 12th Class.
  • English proficiency Score – One needs to have command over English language to study in Canada proved through IELTS (Academic). Overall 6.5 not less than 6.0 required in IELTS.

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