Pursue Aviation Course of Mount Allison University to Fly High!

Hey, see Plane!

Have you ever had such reaction in your childhood when you saw a flying aeroplane right above you in the sky? Immediately, the thought of becoming a Pilot crossed your mind. And that aspiration is still alive in your heart!

Then, the Bachelor of Science majoring in Aviation offered by Mount Allison University in Canada is for you.

Canada as a destination for your higher education would definitely change your life on many grounds. Do you know? – Canada is the most educated countries in the world as per the World Population Review of 2019.  In addition to this, the education system of Canada is renowned globally for its top-notch quality and lacs of students from across the world go to study in Canada. The education in Canada provides them with a worldwide-recognised qualification, international exposure and brilliant career-prospect.

Study in Canada – Bachelor of Science in Aviation at Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University is a Canadian primarily undergraduate liberal arts college situated in Sackville, New Brunswick. This is a University that has been ranked the top undergraduate university in the country 20 times in the past 28 years by Maclean's magazine – a record unmatched by any university in Canada. Also, Mount Allison also has one of the largest endowments per student in Canada.

The qualification of Mount Allison University is internationalized and the international students aspiring to study in Canada are eligible to pursue courses here and one of the most popular courses among the students is Bachelor of Science in Aviation.

Why study in Canada to pursue Bachelor of Science in Aviation at Mount Allison University?

  1. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation at Mount Allison University is one of the few programs that allow international students to earn undergraduate degree which involves flight and ground school training.
  2. The Aviation program is offered in partnership with Moncton Flight College (MFC) – a leading Flight-Training establishment in North America having global reputation.
  3. You’ll get to have more than 200 hours of flying with hundreds of hours of ground training.
  4. You’ll learn about all the essential elements related to aviation which includes navigating, instruments of airplane and weather.
  5. Most importantly, you’ll have COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE (CPL) at the time of completion of your graduation with a multi-engine class rating and a Group 1 instrument rating.
  6. Also, you get eligible to write the Airline Transport Pilot License exam.

What do you need to have to enrol yourself for Bachelor of Science in Aviation at Mount Allison University to study in Canada?

  • Academics – 65% is required in Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics being your main subject.
  • English Language Proficiency ­­– In IELTS Overall Band Score of 6.0 not less than 6.0 is acceptable or equivalent PTE.

Mount Allison offers SCHOLARSHIPS ranging from $4,000-$20,000 to International Students planning to study in Canada at Mount Allison University as Entrance Scholarship (if the students meet the requirements).

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