What is SDS Stream for a student to study in Canada?

Though the SDS and Non-SDS Steam was introduced in 2018 by Canada, still there are lot of study-abroad aspirants aspiring to study in Canada who’re still not completely aware about the SDS and Non SDS. This Article is written with a sole purpose to provide complete information regarding SDS and Non-SDS Stream introduced for the students from India, China, Philippines, and Vietnam who are planning for their abroad studies in Canada.

While Applying to any University or College of Canada, a student need not to worry about SDS or Non-SDS. It is at the time of filing your application for Visa to get Canadian Student Visa; one must focus on SDS and Non-SDS – They’ll be applying their Visa-File either under SDS or Non-SDS Stream?

Basically, What is SDS Stream?

Student Direct Stream has been introduced to make the whole student visa process for Canada faster. To apply the file under SDS Stream, there are certain requirements which students need to meet; else their visa-file will automatically directed under Non-SDS Stream.

What are the REQUIREMENTS to apply your file under SDS Stream to study in Canada?

  1. Offer-Letter: The student should have an approved Offer Letter from Designated Learning Institution.
  2. Tuition Fees: The student should be able to show proof of the First-Year Tuition Fees.
  3. GIC: Candidates must buy a Guaranteed Investment of Certificate (GIC) of $10000.
  4. Medical: Copy of medical examination.
  5. Academic Certificates: Transcripts of the entire student’s qualification.
  6. English Proficiency Test: A students must have IELTS Score 6.0 in each module.

By chance, if you’re not able to meet any of the following requirements as mentioned above then you’ll still be able to apply for your Student Visa to study in Canada but under Non-SDS Stream.

  • Offer Letter from Designated Learning Institution.
  • 1 Year Tuition Fees
  • GIC
  • IELTS Score

Under SDS Stream, the Student Visa process for Canada is much faster than that under Non-SDS Stream. Under Non-SDS Stream it normally takes upto 60 days to get decision on the Student Visa.

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