Study Supply Chain Management at Cape Breton University in Canada

From getting the raw materials for the product to taking the final product to its indented market is where one needs to involve the professionals of supply-chain management into the loop. All the different stages are linked through ‘supply chain’. In the process, the Supply Chain Management primarily focuses on mapping the complete planning with forecasting the necessities of the final product which includes purchasing, product assembling, moving, storing and keeping the whole track of the product as it flows from the company to the consumers.

In Canada, there is a prominent supply chain functions and sub-functions in almost every sector contributing greatly to the Canadian Economy. The demand of Supply Chain professionals has been seen to increase over past few years. To meet the requirements of the industries, universities have introduced Supply Chain Management as a separate discipline for the students to pursue proper professional qualification. Adjacently for the international students aspiring to study in Canada a degree in Supply Chain Management at Cape Breton University has become a popular choice.

Study Supply Chain Management at Cape Breton University of Canada

Cape Breton University of Canada located in its Nova Scotia Province is a public university that has internationalised its education. To meet the demand of reliable and efficient supply chain in Canada, Cape Breton University has introduced and designed a course in supply chain which includes all the facets of supply chain management from theoretical and practical perspectives.

Cape Breton University of Canada offers Bachelor of Business Administration Degree specialising in Supply Chain Management which is a 4-year degree that focuses on supply chain management theory and practice, providing them with the foundations to understanding today’s global economy.

By studying Supply Chain Management at Cape Breton University of Canada, the students will develop a complete understanding of the potential risks in global sourcing which includes the elements like hidden costs, culture differences, time-zones, money-exchange and financial and political risks in some emerging economies. In addition to this the students when emerged out as professionals become efficient in identifying potential markets with tapping on right skills and resources available at any level.

Career Prospect available as you study Supply Chain Management at Cape Breton University of Canada

On completing your study in Canada, through this degree students will acquire professional competence in Supply Chain Management Field leading to their up gradation in skills and pay package. Careers that student may look forward to pursue after completing their Supply Chain Management Degree are: Purchase Manager; Purchase Analyst/Assistant; Materials Analyst; Materials Manager; Strategic Planner; Operations Manager; Procurement Manager; Inventory Manager; Supply Chain Manager; Commodity Manager; Sourcing Manager; Warehousing Manager, etc.

Requirements to study Supply Chain Management at Cape Breton University of Canada

  • Academic: 55% in Class 12th atleast.
  • English Proficiency: Get IELTS waiver if your MOI is English.

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