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The United States of America has always been a great study abroad destination in. It is one of the first choices of Students who want to study abroad. Every Year thousands of overseas students come to the USA to get enrolled in their choice of graduate or Post graduate programs like Engineering, Medicine, Management, Law, etc. The USA is considered as a global leader in the field of education, qualified and quality of faculty, research.

 Undergraduate studies

An undergraduate student may study Bachelors degree or a associate degree. Associate degrees are generally offered in community colleges and are of duration of 2 years. The Bachelor’s degree is generally of 4 years and is offered in colleges and universities.

Graduate studies

In the US Master’s degree and PhD   are graduate studies. Some of the graduate degree programs are – Business administration, Engineering, Education, Journalism and mass communication, Environmental sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health.


There are number of Universities providing scholarships to international students. There are some national scholarships as well college specific scholarships. If you are seeking a college specific scholarship apply for the scholarship along with your admission application.

SEVP Approved School

International students must be enrolled in a SEVP approved school. Overseas students need to register for SEVIS after getting offer of a place. There is a fee applicable here. The college or University you have a offer of a place will issue you a form I- 20 


If you would like to include your dependents in your application you need to have separate I 20 for them. Your dependents need to enrol in SEVIS but they do not need to pay SEVIS fees.

 Why West Highlander

We offer complete guidance and proper assessment to students who are planning to study in USA. We are accredited immigration consultancy, having certification of USATC (US Agent Training Course), Certificate No. USCG00008. We have more than 13 years of study abroad industry Experience and have exposure to all the steps required for admission and student visa process USA.

  • Hassel Free Transition
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Quality Education
World Class Research
Scholarship for Enrolment
Practical Learning process
  • Bay State College (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Mercyhurst University (Pennsylvania)
  • Ohio Valley University (Vienna, West Virginia)
  • Rochester College (New York)
  • Young Harris College (Georgia)
  • Culver stockton College (Canton, Missouri)
  • Saint Michale’s College (Colchester, Vermont)
  • South Western College (Chula Vista, California)
  • University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
  • Claremont University (Claremont, California )
  • Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts)


  • Fall – August / September
  • Spring – January / February
  • Summer – May / Jun