Study Nutrition Courses in Canada

People are becoming aware of their lifestyle and living. There is a great rise in the conscious of people regarding their health and related activities. To maintain their fitness and health, now the Nutritionist and Dietician are coming in projection. These are the professionals who’re experts in knowing and using the food to maintain one’s health. The diets planned are not only limited to maintain the healthy-eating habits but such diet plans are also required to encounter any disease or health issue. Thereby, it is the job of Nutritionist or Dieticians to guide people on their eating and drinking habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to achieve any health-specific goal.

Rise in the demand of Nutritionist/Dieticians: It’s been surveyed as per the arising conditions; there will be a great rise in the employment of Dieticians or Nutritionist. It is projected to grow almost 15-20 per cent in the coming years. This growth rate is estimated to grow much faster than other occupations. This is because food is one of the lifelines and it has a huge impact on our body. Our eating-drinking habits play a critical role in preventing and treating any disease such as diabetes, obesity etc. Hence, the requirement of dieticians and nutritionist by-default increases to provide better care to the patients with medical criticalness and the urgency masses feel to be guided to have better overall health.

A best-time to study Nutrition Courses: Earlier the aspects related to food like diet, nutrition, calories which lead to having better health never been focused and discussed. As science is disclosing many facts to humans regarding the food, common masses is focusing on the point that there are many health-related issues which are attributed to their poor intake of diet and nutrition. With this growing awareness of nutrition, people require to have a rational and systemized set of advice from qualified Nutritional Therapists. This time becomes a better time to study Nutrition in Canada to have better career prospects ahead.

Study Nutrition in Canada:

Mount Saint Vincent University

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Mount Saint Vincent University is basically a publically funded undergraduate university. This University has been attractive for students landing to study in Canada because of its small class sizes, speciality programs, its location and a reputed university based in Atlantic Province of Canada helping students to get eligible for AIPP easily.

Mount Saint Vincent University provides the student with two options to study Nutrition Courses in Canada. The following programs are made up of eight to ten course-content in which you study Human Nutrition, Nutritional Physiology and Functional Foods and also allow the student to conduct research.

  • Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition (MSc AHN)
    This is a thesis based course in which a student has to do authentic research under the supervision in the related area of studies. With a thesis, one has to complete seven graduate courses.

  • Master of Applied Human Nutrition (MAHN)
    This course is solely an applied, course-based program which includes ten graduate courses which will help students to get a grip over the issues of the community and public nutrition.

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