Top 5 foreign destinations for Indian Students to pursue studies

Top 5 foreign destinations for Indian Students to pursue studies

Every year thousands of Indian students move abroad for better academic pursuits and study opportunities. The reason for as one believes is the fact that a quality education with better career opportunities at a price which does not burn hole in your pocket could be the primary factors. Obviously, one cannot deny the fact that cultural diversity and spirit of adventure do also play their part in attracting students for study abroad destinations.

Here are the 5 top student friendly destinations which have become widely popular among students:

  1. Canada


The leading name in study abroad destination in 2020 Canada study abroad has become a popular choice among students for number of reasons.

  • A welcoming immigration policy by Canadian government is the first reason why many Indian students are welcomed with open arms each.
  • Once you have been part of the Canadian education system it becomes easier to transition from being a student to a permanent resident with the help of express entry and provincial nominee programs as introduced by the government to assist immigrants.
  • There is no denying the benefit of having a Canadian degree which is recognized globally. Top notch quality of education brings in lucrative benefits.
  • In case you have a master’s degree then there is an option of a work permit on tenure for 3 years.
  • Study Direct Stream Program and Post Graduation work permit program have further provided faster results to students to apply to Canada for study.
  • Affordable tuition fees and PR opportunity is another lucrative means why Indian students are being attracted to the maple leaf country every year.
  • Several scholarship programs such as Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program and Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship make studying in Canada both easy and comfortable.
  • Being culturally diverse and having a sense of comfort with many Indian communities situated in different provinces of the Great White North make Canada the top choice among overseas study abroad option.
  • Work while studying in Canada is a win-win situation for students as they can create a financial balance between living in Canada and study in Canada.
  • Safety and peace is one thing everyone craves for. Global peace index ranked Canada on 6th in the year 2020 among the peaceful countries out of total.



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  1. Australia

The next name in the top 5 list is of the land down under or Australia as we say and the reasons for you to choose Australia as your study abroad destination can be several:


  • Education system in Australia has a reputation of being the most quality controlled and having several Australian Universities which are part of the big 100 list of universities in the world.
  • When you choose the option of Study in Australia you are being provided with an option to choose from 12,000 institutes which is quite a number for higher education.
  • Among the top courses in Australia to choose from for study abroad such as business management, computer sciences, social sciences, engineering, health profession, sports, vocation training, mathematics and what not is attracting students exceeding numbers each year.
  • Academic excellence is another factor why Australian university rank very high on the QS World Ranking.
  • Another factor that is part time work opportunity for students of 40 hours per week can easily help you as student to cover cost of education in Australia.
  • Employment and job opportunities increasing every year due to emerging developments in technology, research and scientific pursuits is a star quality for choosing Australia for study overseas destination.
  • The diversity of community culture with Indian students migrating every year brings about a comfort factor and sense of belonging.
  • Ample number of scholarship programs for Australia for students helps Indian student to reduce the cost of tuition in Australia.
  • Quality of life in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide with health benefits and less living cost is making Australia among the top choices for study overseas destination in 2020.
  • Other than this, Indian students who have subclass 500 visa can apply for temporary graduate visa subclass 485 on completion of studies and can stay further for study/work opportunities in Australia.


  1. Germany


  • Another name in top overseas destination for higher education Germany is another widely opted choice by Indian students.
  • Many universities do not charge any tuition fee therefore unpaid education in Germany is a win-win option for Indian students to study in Germany.
  • In case there are colleges which charge tuition fee it is remarkably tuition low which makes an attractive factor and an easy option for Indian study to study abroad.
  • The quality of education from German universities and colleges is no doubt globally accepted and employable.
  • Further, the automotive industry and heavy machinery sector in Germany is always in need of brilliant students and minds which Indian students can take benefit of.
  • A work study permit once you have completed your education is another attractive benefit of study in Germany for Indian students.
  • German education system enables you to develop hands on practical experience in your own field which makes you a remarkably employable candidate.
  • Another plus point for Indian students is that they can work 120 full days or 240 half days during their study in Germany. Which no doubt is a blessing with low cost of study in Germany.


  1. UK

United Kingdom is an ancient centre of learning with the likes of Shakespeare and Oxford University being the popular names that come to mind when you think of Study in UK.

  • Contrary to popular belief there are ample numbers of work opportunities once you have degree from UK.
  • Depending on your visa type you can easily stay opt for work study permit after completion of studies provided you fulfill the government regulations.
  • Business Administration, Engineering and technology, Biological sciences, Social Studies, creative arts and design are some of the popular courses for study in UK.
  • Four of the top 10 quality education providers’ universities are in UK as per QS world university ranking.
  • Another reason for you to choose study in UK option is the fact that the courses durations in UK are generally short which makes it beneficial to look for employment opportunities.
  • Also there is always the option of working part time for Indian student that is 20 hours a week.


  1. New Zealand
  • Another emerging name in top 5 overseas study destinations in 2020 is New Zealand.
  • In the last half decade there has been a huge rise in Indian students in New Zealand pursuing their courses in universities and colleges.
  • Courses such as Dairy Technology, Forensic Sciences, Marine Engineering, Geothermal Energy, Biotechnology, and Horticulture are few of the top courses in New Zealand opted by students.
  • Other than this business management, computer sciences, engineering, physical and life sciences, social sciences are also the top preferred courses in New Zealand by Indian students.
  • Other than this secure and good learning environment, digitally advanced tools and training are few star qualities attracting Indian students to New Zealand.
  • Affordable cost of living and tuition fees is definitely the USP for study in New Zealand.
  • Some of the popular universities in New Zealand opted by Indian students are Auckland Territorial University and University of Auckland among others.


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So, in a nutshell there is definitely no dearth of opportunity for young Indian minds looking for overseas destination to choose and pursue careers.

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