What to Study in Canada after Graduation, Grad Certificate, PG certificate or PG Diploma

Graduates who would like go for further study in Canada can choose from number of courses at various levels according to their academic progression. Here we will discuss about the courses after graduation in Canada for international students. To apply for their Canada study visa they may choose to do a

  • Graduate certificate in Canada
  • PG Certificate in Canada
  • PG diploma in Canada
    What is the difference between these programs?
    Study in Canada applicants need to know the difference among these in order to decide courses after graduation in Canada
    Graduate Certificate

  • Add on and deepens the current knowledge and skills
  • Give exposure to an interdisciplinary area of focus
  • Prepare students for a specialized role
  • Is of 1 year duration or less
  • Is of minimum 12 credits
    Post Graduate certificate

  • Are career focussed providing technical and theoretical knowledge
  • Helps in skill acquisition in applied occupational area
  • Prepares for participation in labour market beyond entry level
  • Is of duration of 1 to 2 years
  • Is of minimum 24 to 36 credits
    Post Graduate diplomas- PG Diploma in Canada

  • Provides specialty in a functional area
  • Enhances and broadens professional skills
  • Provides study in a concentrated format
  • Is of duration of 2 years
  • Is of 60 credits
    For your Canada study visa application you may choose to do the courses at above levels. All the courses require a graduate degree as an admission requirement. One of the requirements for successfully getting Canada study visa is that the level of the course must show your academic progression. The courses – Graduate certificate, PG Diploma in Canada are best suited for Graduates who would like to study in Canada.
    Depending on your stream in graduation you may choose to do your PG Diploma in Canada.
     Below are some of the streams of PG diplomas

  • Advanced Human Resource Management
  • Computer and Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Health Information Management
  • Hospitality Services Management
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • Professional communication
  • Sales
    How to select the program
    Discuss with your Study in Canada consultant about what you want from your Study in Canada. You may have some budget, may have some time duration preference, and may be looking for PSW visa of a specific duration. Discuss with your Study in Canada consultant about the career outcomes you are looking. Based on your preferences the consultant should be able to guide you about the program which suits your needs.