Why to study Banking and Finance in Australia?

Australia, a study abroad destination, entices lakhs of international students from various corners of the world to apply for education every year. Apart from being a great place to live in, Australia has a stable and open economy with friendly global relations. Australia offers Permanent Residency and post study work options to the international students attaining education there. Being the second wealthiest nation, the per capita income is quite high in Australia (i.e. USD 55,707 in the year 2017) in comparison with India.

There are all sorts of courses offered to study in Australia to international aspirants but there are some courses which have above average rewarding career opportunities in Australia; one such course is Banking and Finance. The students who dwell interest in the financial sector – domestic or international, can opt for a course in Banking and Finance.

Reasons to study Banking and Finance in Australia –

  • Banking and Finance is a reputed and career oriented field to study in Australia which encompasses areas such as funds management, securities market, financial planning and investment advice, banking, taxation and legal criterion of Finance and corporate treasury management. There are various colleges and universities in Australia which offer undergraduate and graduate level to expertise in this sphere.
  • The courses in Banking and Finance are designed in consultation with the industry professionals of Australian financial sector. The courses are updated regularly as per the amendments taking place in the actual scenario. The degrees accumulated by the graduates are recognized world over. The top universities providing Banking and Finance course are Victoria University, The Australian National University (World Ranking: 48), The University of Sydney (World Ranking: 61), La Trobe University, University of Melbourne (World Ranking: 32), etc. Among various study abroad options, these are considered best in Australia. The institutions provide distinguished infrastructural facilities, congenial study environment and highly qualified instructors.
  • The Banking and Finance sector functions on making financial policies and decisions. They work upon creating an optimum capital structure, investments, mergers and acquisitions, risk and security aspects, dividend to be distributed and type of ownership to be followed, how to keep the stakeholders of the company satisfied and much more. By studying in Australia, you will get to learn and understand the functioning of international financial market.
  • Australia’s banking sector is burgeoning with growth potential and can provide prospective employment to Banking graduates who come to study in Australia. Sydney is the Banking sector hub of Australia. Home to a number of international banks such as Commonwealth Bank, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), Westpac Bank; these banks provide state of the art banking services to its clients along with conventional services, the services include stock broking, insurance, funds management, financial market trades, etc.
  • The Business niche – Banking and Finance sector houses number of fascinating job profiles such as Actuary, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Loan Officers, Chartered Public Finance Accountant, Actuarial Analyst, etc. The international students are provided opportunities to gain employment in the financial markets and institutions. The average annual salary earned by a mid-experienced finance sector employee is AU$ 93,000 which is much more than the salary earned by graduates in India at the same profile.
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