AAERI Member Consultant in Chandigarh for Study in Australia


AAERI – Association of Australian Education Representatives in India – supported by Australian Government assures the integrity and credibility of agents who are recruiting students on behalf of education and training institutes in Australia.

AAERI members provide accurate and realistic information to students. They provide true and honest information on funds required to study in Australia, conditions governing student’s ability to work, living arrangements, fees and refund policies along with student support services.

AAERI members provide you with the information about the Australian education institutions and help students apply for enrolment and facilitate the application for an Australian student visa.

AAERI members abide by the Code of Ethical Practices (COEP). It means that they must provide services to their clients in manner reflected in the practices of Australian education and training institutions. These authorities safeguard the interests of the prospective customers on the other.  The Code of Conduct of AAERI is based on the Australian Government’s Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS Act), which is responsible for the activities of the overseas agents.


Becoming AAERI member is very tough .A company needs to pass many quality tests before being recommended for AAERI member. Company performance and visa success rate matters a lot. A company is required to undergo integrity check by third party and have positive report. To have a positive report in integral check a company must have a clear record i.e. no complaints against it. The company members need to pass EATC test.


West Highlander is an AAERI member since 2008  and AAERI members are being supported by Australian Government and Australian Education International. The advantage of being AAERI member is that we have updated information about the current policies and visa systems which helps us to serve our clients better ensuring good results. We get training from the Australian High Commission/Embassy about any change in visa policy resulting in success for visa applications.