Apply for an Opportunity Card in Germany from India

The German “Chance Card” (Chancenkarte), sometimes known as the “Opportunity Card,” is an effort designed to draw professionals and qualified workers from non-EU nations, such as India, to Germany. From an Indian point of view, this card is a huge opportunity for those who want to reside and work in Germany—a country renowned for its robust economy, good job opportunities, and high living standards.

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Advantages of the German Opportunity Card

Jobs Available

Skilled professionals might find it easier to enter the German employment market with the Opportunity Card. Professionals in a variety of industries, such as IT, engineering, healthcare, and finance, are in high demand in Germany; their skills are very complementary to those of many Indians.

Simplified Immigration Procedure

The card simplifies the immigration procedure, facilitating the acquisition of employment permits and permanent residency in Germany for eligible persons. This covers family reunification clauses that let dependent children and spouses accompany the main visa holder.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Possession of an Opportunity Card may facilitate the acquisition of German permanent residence (PR). For those who want to settle down permanently and eventually seek German citizenship, this is favorable.

Support for Integration

Germany provides integration classes to assist immigrants in learning German and getting an understanding of the legal system and culture of the nation. Opportunity Card holders can benefit from these frequently discounted or free courses, which facilitate a more seamless transition into German culture.

Standard of Life

Germany is renowned for its robust social security benefits, first-rate healthcare system, effective public transportation, and good life quality. Due to these elements, it attracts Indian professionals looking to improve their own and their families’ standard of life.

How to apply for a Germany Opportunity card from India?

Indian nationals who want to apply for Germany’s Chancenkarte or Opportunity Card must submit the paperwork required by German embassies. The documentation you need to include with the application for a visa for the Germany Opportunity Card will depend on the pathway via which you qualify.

Pathway 1

You possess a foreign degree or professional certification that is accepted in Germany. Or you received your professional qualification or university degree in Germany.

Should you hold a professional certification or university degree from Germany, you are eligible to apply for a jobseeker’s residence visa right away. This allows you to work part-time without any limitations and offers you an extra eighteen months to search for a job instead of a year.

Pathway 2

The degree you possess is partially recognized by Germany. Most of the Indian degrees are partially recognized.

In order to be eligible you would also need to be you fulfill the following criteria and receive at least six points in the scoring system. Additionally, you would need to have an academic degree that is recognized in India and work experience of at least 2 years after that.

In terms of language skills:

  • You can either have an A1 level in German language or,
  • At least a B2 level in English

Points system for Chancenkarte

Qualification equivalency

You will score four points if you have previously sought acceptance of your foreign degree and it has been determined to be somewhat equal. In the event that a regulated profession requires you to take part in compensating measures before being granted a license to practice, you will still be awarded four points.

Certification in a shortage profession

You will receive one point if your official credential is an in-demand occupation like

  • Managers of distribution, mining, construction, and manufacturing
  • Managers of professional services
  • Managers of IT and telecommunications services
  • Experts in databases and networks
  • Developers and analyzers of software and applications
  • Planners, surveyors, designers, and architects
  • Health professionals

Work experience

In connection to your official certification obtained after graduation, you will also receive points for your prior professional experience. If you can show that you have had at least two years of work experience within the previous five years, you will receive two points. You will receive three points if you have worked in a professional capacity for at least five of the previous seven years.

Language proficiency

If your proficiency in German exceeds level A1 (CEFR), you will additionally receive points. Level A2 carries one point, level B1 carries two points, and level B2 or higher carries three points. If you speak English at the native speaker level or at least at C1, you will receive an extra point.


Reaching a specific age earns you extra points. Prior to their 35th birthday, anyone under the age of 35 receives two points. Each person between the ages of 35 and 40 receives one point.

Past visits to Germany

Have you resided in Germany before? One point will be awarded to you if you can demonstrate that you have lived lawfully within Germany for a minimum of six months during the previous five years. Study, language, and employment stays are a few types of these stays. Visitor stays or stays for tourist purposes are not included. Old passports, together with the visas and entrance stamps they have, might be produced as proof.

Potential for partners or significant others to be skilled workers

If you are married or in a relationship and would want to go to Germany on an opportunity card with your partner, you will get one point in the point system if your partner already fulfills the qualifications for an opportunity card.

Most Indians would have to take Pathway 2 due to the Indian universities being only partially recognized by Germany. In order to get points for the opportunity card, everything would need proof. In this case, West Highlander Immigration the best consultancy for Germany opportunity card in Chandigarh would be of great help and will help you at every step of the application.

Other Requirements

Valid Passport

You would need a valid Indian passport not older than 10 years and a few pages empty for the Germany visa stamp.

Chancenkarte Application

You should have carefully filled out the Germany opportunity card application and make sure you signed at the required places. Make sure that there are no mistakes while filling the form.

Financial Requirements

Proof that you have enough money to cover your expenses is required while using an opportunity card in Germany. This can be provided in the form of your most recent bank account statements, a Sperrkonto (blocked account) in Germany, or a Verpflichtungserklärung (an obligation letter from a sponsor residing in Germany). Applicants must have the necessary finances for the return flight ticket in addition to 1027 EUROS each month. Since you won’t be employed when you come to Germany with an opportunity card, you must have sufficient funds to sustain yourself while in Germany.

Motivation Letter

A thorough statement of purpose or motivation letter must be attached to be considered for a Chancenkarte – Opportunity Card Germany.

Health coverage

Applications must be submitted with proof of valid health insurance in Germany. It is mandatory for the candidates to fulfill this prerequisite. Your health insurance must meet specified requirements in order for it to be included in their Germany opportunity job search card.

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