Australia study visa requirements

Applicants wishing to study in Australia need to meet certain requirements. These requirements are broadly categorised into Academic requirements, English language requirements, Funds and financial requirements, Continuation in study or work experience requirements, health requirements. This blog article compiled by and expert registered MARA agent at West Highlander in Chandigarh would be helpful to students looking forward to apply for Australia study visa.

Australia study visa requirement 1- Academics

Applicants need to have good academics if they wish to study in Australia. To get admission into a desired university or a college in Australia the applicants are required to meet admission entry criteria. If you are applicant from India wishing to apply for Australia study visa after 12th then you may be required to have a certain percentage of marks in the best four subjects in your 12th   to get admission in a course at Bachelors level. Furthermore this percentage requirement for study in Australia may depend on the board you may have done your 10+2 from.

Similarly there are certain academic requirements students wishing to apply for Australia student visa from India after graduation need to meet. The student must meet the requirements of having minimum percentage of marks in their graduation. In Australia the Universities in Indian are categorised in to sections- section 1 university, section 2 university and section 3 universities. The percentage requirement depends on the section of the university you have done your graduation from.

Australia study visa requirement 2- IELTS/ PTE

One of the Australia study visa requirements the applicants must meet is of having the required level of English. English is official language in Australia and the courses are taught in English. So it is a mandatory requirement that you must have a level of English to enable you to successfully complete your study in Australia. As evidence the students may attach IELTS OR a PTE score card for Australia study visa. The IELTS band requirement for Australia student visa depends on the course you wish to study. If you are looking forward to study Bachelors then the requirement is to have overall IELTS band score of 6 with minimum of 5.5 in each of the four modules of the test. If you wish to study Masters in Australia then the IELTS requirement is of overall 6.5 with minimum of 6 in each of the four modules.

Requirement 3- Funds and financial requirements for Australia study visa

This is one of the very important Australia study visa requirements. As a part of the application process the applicants are required to have enough funds to support their student visa to Australia. If this requirement for Australia student visa is not met then there are high chances that your application could be refused. The requirement is to have total expenses for first year as well as travel expense. The total expense includes first year of course tuition fee as well first year of cost of living. The cost of living is Australia dollars 21041 for one year. The travel expense is Australian dollars 2000. Below is an example for more clarification.

Suppose the first year of tuition fees for the course you wish to study in Australia is $19000. So as per the policy the funds and financial requirement for Australia study is as below

  • Tuition fee 1st year $ 20000(twenty thousand)
  • Cost of living for 1st year $21041(twenty one thousand forty one)
  • Travel expense $ 2000(two thousand)

So the total requirement of funds for Australia study visa comes out to be Australian dollars 43041. At 1 dollar equivalent to 53 Indian rupees the total amount is approximately 23 lakh Indian rupees.

Requirement 4- Continuation in study or work experience requirement for student visa to Australia

Applicants must be in Continuation in study or employment if they would like to apply for student visa to Australia. If you fail to meet this requirement then despite ful filling all other Australia student visa conditions you application may still be refused. This is largely because the applicants need to clear GTE for Australia student visa. GTE stands for genuine temporary entrant. You must be genuine student wishing to study in Australia. Any unexplained gaps in your profile may raise serious concerns about you being a genuine student.