Australia student visa dependent GTE requirements

Australia is one of the popular study abroad destinations among international students. Study in Australia for international students comes with various advantages. One of the biggest attractions is that the applicants can apply for visa of their spouses under Australia student visa dependent category.

Requirements to apply for spouse visa of an Australia study visa holder

There are certain requirements the applicants need to meet in order to apply for the Dependent spouse of the Australia student visa holder. Below are the requirements one must fulfil

  • Genuine relation with the study visa holder
  • Evidence that your spouse is enrolled in a CRICOS provider in Australia
  • Funds for first year of stay in Australia
  • Travel expense to Australia
  • Overseas student health coverage- OSHC
  • Satisfy GTE condition

Above are the requirements the applicants must fulfil in order to successfully get their visa.

From the above mentioned requirements GTE requirement is of utmost importance. If you fulfil all other requirements but fail to satisfy GTE requirement your dependent spouse application for Australia may be refused.

GTE requirement for Australia study visa dependent spouses

In order for the grant of your dependent visa the case officer must be satisfied that you are a genuine entrant to Australia. Failing to meet this criterion would result in refusal of your application. While assessing your GTE requirements the case officer looks into following factors

  • Your personal circumstances
  • Your employment in your home country
  • Any qualifications you may hold
  • Any immigration history you may have

Your circumstances must reflect that your intention to visit Australia is genuine and you are not using this visa for entry into Australia.

So GTE plays a very important role in the visa application process.

How to prepare a GTE statement

After knowing about the importance of GTE requirement in Australia student visa dependent applications the next point which comes into consideration is how to write a GTE Statement. It is not only about writing the statement it is about writing an effective GTE letter. Your GTE personal statement must reflect your personal circumstances. It must not be a generic statement. You must write about your qualifications, any work experience you may have and attach relevant documentation. You must also mention about the ties you may have in your home country. These ties may be your personal ties, financial ties, family ties. You must provide as much information as you can. Your circumstances must reflect that you have enough ties that would encourage you to depart Australia once your purpose of stay is complete. On weighing your circumstances if the case officer assesses that your incentives to remain in Australia are stronger than your ties in your home country then this may have negative impact on your application which means that it could be refused.

So from above it is very clear that you must pass the GTE requirement if you would like to get your dependent spouse visa to Australia.

What if you fail to meet GTE criteria?

Failing to meet the GTE requirement could result in refusal of your application. So the applicants are highly encouraged to consult an experienced and expert Australia student dependent visa consultant.