Can I study in Germany with 3-year Bachelor Degree?

Germany is the third most popular destination for International students. Almost 12% of students in this Deutsch Land are from foreign countries that come to study in Germany. This is credited to its reputation globally in imparting education that has world-class standards.

A general question of almost every Indian student who aspires to have their education from Germany is that CAN THEY APPLY FOR MASTER PROGRAM IF THEY’VE COMPLETED THEIR 3 YEAR BACHELOR DEGREE AS THEIR PREVIOUS QUALIFICATION?

German-Public Universities charges no-tuition fees or very less tuition fee from the students. To apply in these universities to pursue a Master Program, you need to have a Bachelor Degree having duration of 4 years atleast. Otherwise, you cannot study in German-Public Universities.

But, you can still study in Germany with 3 year Bachelor Degree. 3-year duration Bachelor Degree is acceptable if you apply to private universities of Germany. There are 19 private universities and 93 private Universities of Applied Sciences.

The top private Universities that permit to pursue Master Degree on the basis of your 3-year Bachelor Degree are:

  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)

Located in the heart of Germany – Berlin, BSBI that provides MA in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management; MA in Strategic Marketing; MA in Finance and Investments; Global MBA; MSc in International Health Management; and MBA Maritime and Shipping Management to the International students who aspire to study in Germany.

  • GISMA Business School

German International Graduate School of Management and Administration, a privately owned business school is operated in Berlin and Hannover, the main cities of Germany. It offers variety of Masters Degree in Business and Management which are taught in English including MBA.

  • University of Applied Sciences Europe

The University of Applied Sciences Europe - in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg - educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Psychology, Media and Communication, Sports Management, Art and Design.

There are other options available to International Students.

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