Canada Family/ Friends Visitor Visa

Canada Family/ Friends Visitor Visa


Canada is a place people love to visit. It is a great tourist destination. To visit Canada for tourism purposes or to visit friends or relatives staying in Canada you need to apply for visitor visa to Canada

CIC Canada is very specific about your purpose of visit. You need to very clearly and accurately document your purpose of visit.

Genuine visitor

You must prove that you are a genuine visitor to Canada and your purpose is only as stated in your visitor visa application

  • Clear purpose of your visit

Firstly your application must clearly state your purpose of visit. You must clearly mention in your visa application what you intend to do in Canada.

  • Your circumstances in your home country

Your personal circumstances in your home country play a very important role in assessment of your tourist visa application to Canada. The case officer must be satisfied that your personal circumstances in your home country are such that you  are  visiting Canada temporarily and will return to your home country once your purpose of visit is complete

  • Your potential circumstances in Canada

Your potential circumstances in Canada must not dominate your present circumstances in your home country. If the case officer concludes that your circumstances here in your home country are such that you are highly likely to remain in Canada, may lead to doubt of you being a genuine visitor  whose only intention is only to visit Canada temporarily.

  • Your immigration history

If you have any immigration history you need to address that too. Any previous visa refusals must be explained carefully. If this is not addressed properly the case officer may doubt your intention of going to Canada

  • Occupational and financial ties

Having strong occupational and financial ties in your home country is very important for successful outcome of your visa application. One must provide as much information and documentation to assist the case officer in positive decision making of this aspect.

Single / Multiple Entry Visa

Depending on your circumstances and requirement the case officer may grant you multiple entry visas or a single entry visa. The visa duration of both types of entry is fixed.

Processing Time

The current processing time for visitor visa applications is about 30 days. The time may vary as per your individual circumstances.

Why West Highlander

It is of utmost importance that you document purpose of your visit as well as your ties in your country of residence. Every person has got their individual ties so you need to prepare your application accordingly.

At West Highlander we ensure that we have in depth discussions with our clients and prepare  visitor visa checklist as per your circumstances. Our personalized approach towards our clients ensures that we are able to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. West Highlander is the best visitor visa consultant for Canada tourist visa in Chandigarh.

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  • Features of West Highlander

    • Regulated Canadian immigration Consultants (ICCRC) on board.
    • Thousands of Canada spouse visas handled.
    • 12 years of experience with the highest success rate in spouse visas.
    • Intricate and refused spouse visa cases are handled smartly.
    • Excellent services with prices that is competitive.
    • Appropriate assessment of the case.

    • Canadian spouse visa eligibility assessment, if you meet the policy requirements.
    • Collect evidence and documentation in support of your application for canadian spouse visa.
    • Meet health and character requirements.
    • Check if you are eligible for canadian spouse open work visa or visitor visa.
    • Documents should be submitted with translated English if they are in another language.
    • Apply for the right spouse visa category.
  • Eligibility

    To be Eligible for Canada spouse visa as a dependent you are required to have an  eligible  sponsor. The requirements of sponsorship include that the person you are sponsoring should be the member of the family and if any of them belongs to outside then sponsorship is canceled. The age of spouse, children depend upon the visa you are applying for. Your sponsor must hold an eligible visa for certain period, if your sponsor is a student must be studying in an approved institution at an approved level.if applying canadian spouse visa under open work category, you must have the skills and qualification to work in Canada.

  • Why West Highlander ?

    If you are looking for successful Canada spouse visa application completion then your search is over here because West Highlander is full of experience and our success rate is also tremendously amazing. Our principal focus is to comprehend the each and every particulars of an individual as it helps in presenting the case to the embassy in an appropriate manner. With 12 years of experience, our team is inclined towards the cases that have gone through many rejections before. West Highlander has a long-term association with Regulated Canadian immigration Consultants (ICCRC) so that best migration services can be provided to the customers.

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