Migrate to Canada - Express Entry, PNP or Quebec Program

Canada Skilled Migration

Canada skilled migration

Canada has a very dynamic and multicultural society which welcomes immigrants from all over the world. Canada is a very strong and a developed economy which provides excellent opportunities for people having the qualification and skills Canada wants. Canada has a big job market and excellent opportunities for skilled workers.  Canada has got excellent free services which help new immigrants integrate in the Canadian society. Under various skilled migration options in Canada you can permanently migrate to Canada along with your family- spouse and dependent children.

Skilled migration options for Canada

To migrate to Canada under skilled visas applicants may choose from various skilled migration categories as below

Express Entry

Under express entry for Canada skilled workers can immigrate to Canada permanently. Express entry is an online system under which skilled migration applications to Canada are managed. It’s a point based system under which applicant are awarded points for age, qualification, work experience, English language ability, partner skills, relatives in Canada, arranged employment in Canada. Along with scoring maximum points in Express entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System your occupation must be listed under the NOC- National Occupation classification for Canada skilled immigration.

Provincial nominee program

Under Provincial nominee program- PNP Program for Canada skilled workers can immigrate to Canada by being nominated by a Canadian province or territory. In Canada each province has its own labour market requirements. If you have the qualification, skills and experience in demand on a particular occupation you may apply for PNP of that particular province and get nominated. While your profile is in express entry pool and you get provincial nomination you get extra 600 points for PNP nomination and the chances of your application being selected from express entry pool are almost sure.

Quebec selected worker

Under this program applicants may immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker. The province of Quebec has its own rules of choosing skilled workers. The Government of Canada has a special agreement with Quebec under which Quebec nominates skilled workers based on its criteria who can be adaptive of living in Quebec. Applicants need to apply for the Quebec selection certificate with the government of Quebec and be selected in order to apply for skilled migration as a Quebec selected worker.

Benefits of skilled migration to Canada

  • Stay in Canada permanently
  • Include your spouse and dependent children with your application
  • Enrol in Canada’s public health care scheme
  • Enjoy benefits of domestic fees for education
  • Qualify to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency
  • Safe environment
  • Multicultural society

About Us

Canada immigration programs involves many steps like qualification assessment from relevant assessing authority, calculating points to be eligible, filling express entry application, applying for PNP’s, completing documentation required once invitation to apply is received. For all these steps you need services of an expert, experienced and qualified skilled migration consultant. West Highlander immigration based in Chandigarh has years of experience in successfully filing skilled migration cases for Canada. We have a team of experienced and expert people who assess your skilled migration application carefully and guide you transparently through each and every step of your skilled migration application.

Details of Canada Skilled Migration Programs

The process of Express entry for Canada immigration as a skilled worker

  • Check your occupation in the NOC List- National Occupation classification list
  • Calculate your points score
  • Gather your documents
  • Apply for your ECA report- Education credential assessment report
  • Get your English language score
  • Submit your profile in the Express entry
  • Selection of your profile from the express entry
  • Receive Invitation to apply for permanent residency to Canada
  • Submit your application with IRCC within 90 days of receiving invitation to apply

Comprehensive Ranking system – CRS criteria Point’s calculation

For this express entry your profile is given points on many selection factors and your points are assessed against other profiles in the express entry pool. Highest ranking express entry profiles are selected from the pool and given invitation to apply for permanent residence to Canada. The points are awarded for core/Human capital factors, spouse/ partner factors, Skill Transferability factors and additional points. In CRS system your express entry profile is ranked taking in consideration total of 1200 points.
CRS Core/ Human Capital factors

The maximum points awarded for this factor in CRS system are 460 if your spouse applies along with you and 500 if you apply without spouse. The points covered under this core/ human capital factors are
  • Age
  • Your Level of education
  • Your Official language ability
  • Your Canadian work experience

CRS Spouse/Partner factors

The maximum points which can be awarded under this factor are 40 points. Points are awarded for
  • Spouse level of education
  • Spouse official language ability
  • Spouse Canadian work experience

CRS Skill Transferability factors

The maximum points which can be awarded under this factor are 100 points. Points are awarded for
  • Strong official language and a post secondary degree
  • Canadian work experience and post secondary degree
  • Strong language ability and foreign work experience
  • Foreign work experience and Canadian work experience

CRS Additional points

Maximum of 600 points can be awarded under this CRS factor. Points are awarded for
  • Eligible permanent resident relative in Canada
  • French language skills
  • Post secondary education in Canada
  • Arranged employment in Canada
  • PNP nomination

Education credential assessment report- ECA

ECA report is the first step toward your express entry visa process for Canada. ECA is a report which verifies that your overseas qualification is equivalent to a Canadian qualification. This ECA report is mandatory to qualify points for your education level. While applying for ECA you must indicate that you require this report for immigration purposes. The validity of this ECA report is for 5 years from the date of issue of the report. There is a fee for getting ECA report.  The designated organisations to issue this ECA report are
  • World education services
  • International qualifications assessment services
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • International Credential Evaluation Service
  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
  • For doctors medical council of Canada must do your ECA report
  • For pharmacists Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada must issue your ECA report.

NOC National Occupation list

In order to be eligible to apply for skilled under express entry for Canada you must nominate an occupation from the NOC List. To be eligible to apply under express entry stream your experience   must be skill type 0, skill type A or skill type B. Skill type 0 are management jobs, skill type A are professional jobs  and Skill type B are technical jobs. Skill level C and Skill level D cannot apply under express entry stream.
Processing time

  • ECA report process is about 2 months once complete is application received by assessing authority
  • Express entry – The express entry profile is valid for 12 months. The invitation to apply depends on your CRS score. The highest-ranking candidates from the express entry pool are invited to apply for permanent residence
  • Application for permanent residency About 6 months after submission of complete application with IRCC

Visa fees

  • Main applicant CAD 1325
  • Spouse CAD 1325
  • Dependent child CAD 225
PNP is an excellent opportunity for skilled workers who have got the qualification, skills and experience in demand in a particular province.
The process to apply for PNP Provincial Nominee Program

  • Applicants may apply for Provincial nomination by online process through express entry
  • Check the eligibility criteria for the province you are interested in for PNP nomination
  • Check your occupation in the NOC List- National Occupation classification list
  • Calculate your points score
  • Gather your documents
  • Apply for your ECA report- Education credential assessment report
  • Get your English language score
  • Create express entry profile
  • Mark the province you are interested in for nomination
  • Receive notification of interest if selected by the province
  • Apply for nomination
  • Receive PNP nomination
  • Update your express entry profile to show that you have received PNP nomination
  • Confirmation by the province for your nomination to the IRCC
  • Receive Invitation to apply for permanent residence from IRCC
  • Upload your documentation
  • Receive your decision

Provinces in Canada for Nomination

  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan
Each province has got its own criteria for nomination. Applicants need to check with individual provinces for their requirements, any departmental fee and the processing time for PNP application nomination.
Who can apply for PNP nomination with Province of Canada?

In order to apply for skilled migration to Canada applicants must have an occupation listed under the NOC- National occupation classification list for Canada. This list has 4 skill types.
  • Skill type 0
  • Skill type A
  • Skill type B
  • Skill type C
  • Skill type D
If your work experience falls under skill type C and skill type D then you may not apply directly under express entry system. PNP nomination is the best category for applicants who have work experience in skill type C or skill type D of the NOC list Canada.
It is also a good option for applicants who have their work experience in Skill type0, A or B and would like to increase their CRS score-Comprehensive Ranking Score. A PNP nomination adds 600 points to your CRS score.
The process to apply as a Quebec selected skilled worker

Stage 1 Selection by Government of Quebec Apply for CSQ- Quebec Selection Certificate with the government of Quebec
Stage 2- Admission in Canada by IRCC On getting CSQ- Quebec Selection Certificate apply with IRCC for your permanent residency application for Canada.
Stage 1 details

Getting CSQ is the first step toward obtaining your residency to Canada as a Quebec Selected skilled worker. The CSQ selection process is a point’s based grid. To be selected as skilled worker your application is assessed against the selection factors as below and given points as per your profile
  • Level of education and area of training
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Knowledge of English and French
  • Family relationship with a Canadian citizen or a Quebec resident
  • Spouse factors
  • Children
  • Financial capacity to support yourself in Quebec

CSQ Process

  • Create an expression of interest account on Arrima portal. This is an online form and applicants do not need to pay any fee for this.
  • Invitation to submit an application for permanent selection. There is a fee which applicants need to pay at this stage

Principal applicant CAD 812
Spouse 174
Dependent child 174
CSQ processing time

The processing time for CSQ supporting your permanent residency application is about 6 months. The processing time may increase depending on the level of verification required for the CSQ application.
Stage 2 Details

Once the applicant has successfully completed stage 1- got a CSQ certificate from Government of Quebec, he reaches the stage 2 of the Quebec selected skilled worker process. This is the admission stage.
  • Gather all the documentation required by IRCC
  • Fill the required forms
  • Pay the application fees
  • Submit your application with IRCC.

Visa fee

  • Main applicant CAD 1325
  • Spouse CAD 1325
  • Dependent child CAD 225

Visa processing time

15 to 17 months once you have submitted complete application with IRCC
West Highlander Immigration based in Sector 34 A has been established since 2005 and have got 15 Years of experience in dealing with skilled migration cases. The experienced and expert team at West Highlander Immigration has got a strong portfolio in immigration law and have till date successfully filed many applications for Permanent residency to Canada. Canada immigration programs involves many steps like qualification assessment from relevant assessing authority, calculating points to be eligible, filling express entry application, applying for PNP’s, completing documentation required once invitation to apply is received. For this you need services of experts and experienced skilled migration consultants. West Highlander has  association with Regulated Canadian immigration Consultants (ICCRC) so that best migration services can be provided to the customers.

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