Factors that influence decision on New Zealand spouse visa- Expert opinion.

It is very important that while applying for New Zealand spouse visa your consultant knows the factors influencing the decision of your New Zealand spouse visa application so that he may guide you properly with your dependent visa application for New Zealand. There are certain mandatory conditions that one must meet to be eligible to apply for visa based on partnership. You and your partner must have met before applying for New Zealand dependent spouse visa and the couple must not be close relatives.

Immigration New Zealand assesses your partnership application based on below four factors.

Genuine Relationship – One of the most important and crucial factor is genuineness of your relationship.  You need to satisfy the visa officer that your partnership is genuine. Immigration New Zealand asses this factor based on various aspects. It is not only about providing marriage certificates and photographs; it is much more than this. You need to provide verifiable documentary evidence to prove this aspect of the application. A consultant preparing your New Zealand spouse visa application must consider your individual circumstances and prepare checklist accordingly. Taking this aspect lightly will definitely increase your chances of dependent visa being refused.  The more acceptable and verifiable evidence you provide with your application the more you would be assisting the case officer in making positive decision about this aspect.

Stability of your relationship is second important factor in assessing New Zealand spouse visa application for New Zealand. The case officer needs to be satisfied on this aspect also for your application to be positive. The onus is on the applicant to provide as much evidence as possible to satisfy the case officer that this relationship has been entered with the intention of maintaining it exclusively and on a long term commitment with each other.  This   criteria needs to be satisfied for your application to be successful

Credibility is third very important aspect. You and your partner must provide evidence and information that is credible. Even a small point leading to doubt of credibility of information has potential to spoil your New Zealand  spouse visa application. Any contradictory information by you or your spouse or any of the closely related people may lead to refusal of visa application on credibility issues.

Living together is fourth criterion that is very important. You and your spouse must be living together -sharing the same home. Only if there are compelling circumstances the case officer may consider your living apart. If you are living apart for some reasons and do not provide explanation along with verifiable evidence the case officer would not be satisfied on this criteria thus resulting in refusal of the application. Your relation must have public recognition. If the relation does not have public recognition there must be plausible explanation again supported by documentary evidence.

 To conclude if your New Zealand spouse visa application does not properly represent above 4 factors there are high chances of your application being refused. Every application is unique and has got its individual circumstances. So generic checklists may not be applicable to every case. For accurate assessment of the spouse visa application for New Zealand it is very crucial to have in depth discussion with the clients to asses all the above 4 factors and accordingly give visa checklist to the applicant. At West Highlander we ensure that we have detailed discussions with our clients to prepare complete application.   Ms Parwinder  Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority – IAA, New Zealand and have till date successfully  served hundreds of clients.  West Highlander is the best consultant in Chandigarh making your process of your partner visa application smooth and an easy experience. We have successfully processed many complicated and refused cases. We have clients from all over the world.Feel free to contact us for free assessment of your case.