Genuine relationship requirement- New Zealand dependent spouse visa

If you are married to a New Zealand citizen or a resident then as per the policy you can apply for New Zealand dependent visa as a partner of a New Zealand citizen or a resident visa holder.

There are various requirements which you must fulfil in order to successfully get your New Zealand dependent visa in 2022.

One of the requirements you must meet is of being in a genuine relationship with your spouse. If you fail to meet this particular requirement then there are very high chances that your New Zealand dependent visa may be refused.

The case officer makes the decision of your New Zealand dependent visas based on the immigration instructions so you need to meet these to successfully get your visa for New Zealand as a dependent of a New Zealand resident or a citizen.

What is genuine and stable  relationship requirement for your New Zealand partner visa based on your relationship with a New Zealand resident or a citizen?

One of the requirements the applicants are required to meet are that they are living together in a genuine and stable relationship.

The case officer assessing you New Zealand dependent visa application must be satisfied that you are in a genuine relationship with your spouse. For this he would look in to various aspects of application which show that you have entered into this relationship to maintain it on a long term and exclusive basis.

The case officer must also be satisfied that your relationship is stable as it is likely to endure.

What constitutes living together for New Zealand partner visas?

The case officer considers you to be living together if you are living under same roof that is you are sharing the same house as spouses/ partners. The applicants must be very clear about the living together criteria. As previously explained if you fail to meet this instruction this may result in the refusal of your application as a dependent spouse of a New Zeeland resident or a citizen.

The case officer would assess the combination of factors in the assessment of below aspects of your relationship

  • Credibility
  • Living together
  • Genuine partnership
  • Stable partnership

Factors in assessing living together criteria

There are various factors which the case officer takes in to consideration. Some of the factors are as below

  • The duration of the relationship -How long the relationship has existed and what is the documentary evidence available to support your claims
  • The existence of your common residence and the documentary evidence to support your claims for your New Zealand dependent spouse visa applications
  • The financial dependence or interdependence yon may have and the documentary evidence to support this
  • Your commitments to your shared life with verifiable evidence
  • The public recognition of your relationship and the supporting evidence to your claims
  • What are the household duties you share as partners?
  • Children out of the partnership and common care and support of children

Above are few of the examples. Every case is unique with individual circumstances. So you need to understand what documents you can provide so that the case officer can assess the four factors of credibility, living together, genuine relationship and stable relationship.