Georgian College Ontario – Admission Process, Courses and Fees in 2023

Georgian College, Ontario, is a college of Applied Arts and Technology. The college doesn’t focus only on education but also on the experience that students get on campus. The college had designed the curriculum in such a way that it tends to make the students leaders with innovative ideas, which helps the community in more than one way. Georgian College has eight campuses: South Georgian Bay, Owen Sound, Orange Will, Orillia, Barrie, Downtown Barrie Location, Midland, and Muskoka. The college has an 88% placement rate; the students get jobs after 6 months of graduation.

Georgian College offers more than 130 programs on its various campuses in every field, like science, arts, and commerce. The college focuses on real-world work experience, instilling leadership skills, and thinking innovatively so students can work in workplaces in an efficient manner. The college offers a number of awards, scholarships, and bursaries to international students. The college offers more than 650 awards and scholarships. The recipients of these awards and scholarships are based on different criteria like community involvement, academic achievements, financial need, and involvement with the Georgian community, sports athletes, and first-generation students.

This article has all the information one needs to know while looking at the courses at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada. It covers everything from eligibility criteria to the duration of the courses, to the average fees. It covers everything that Indian students may want to know when they are finding the best courses in Canada. West Highlander is here to help you out with all the queries you might have about studying in Ontario, Canada.

In this article

  • About the status of Georgian College, Ontario
  • Different scholarships, awards, financial aid offered for international students at Georgia College, Ontario
  • Cost of application of Georgian College, Ontario
  • Average fees of the courses at Georgian College, Ontario
  • Best Fields to study at Georgian College, Ontario
  • Time Period to get an offer letter from Georgian College, Ontario
  • Graduate Certificate courses at Georgian College, Ontario
  • Graduate- degree programs at Georgian College, Ontario

What kind of college is Georgian College?

It is a public college. Academically, there is no such difference between public and private colleges, but public colleges are a bit more affordable. They don’t charge expensive fees from students, and mostly native people also go to public colleges or universities.

How can you apply for scholarships?

Georgian College’s online application helps in applying for funds, scholarships, and financial aid and makes the process simple and smooth. You must be a student at the college if you are applying for a scholarship or any financial aid. You have to go to Georgian College’s official website, then you have to login with your official account, and in the end, you need to choose which financial aid or scholarship you are applying to, and that is it.

What are the application fees for Georgian College?

The application fee generally costs around CAD $100.

What are the average fees for the courses at Georgian College?

Though the colleges offer different courses at different campuses, the average course fee lies between CAD $7,000-$12,000, depending on the type of course.

What field of study is best at Georgian College?

  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
  • Design and Visual Arts
  • Computer Studies
  • Community Safety
  • Automotive Business
  • Business Management

When does Georgian College take applications?

Georgian College accepts applications in the fall, winter, and summer.

What are the requirements to get admission to Georgian College, Ontario?

It is not impossible to get admission to a college like Georgian College. All you have to do is score well academically and get an IELTS score of 6, 6.5 overall for graduate and postgraduate courses, respectively.

How much time does it take to receive an offer letter from Georgian College in Ontario?

Generally, it takes approx. 4 weeks to receive an offer letter from Georgian College.

The college offers 4-year graduate degree programmes in various fields such as Police-Studies, Interior Design, Counselling Psychology, Environmental Sustainability, Applied Life Sciences and Biotechnology, and Nursing. It also offers graduate certificates that are mostly for 1–2 years. Some of them are: Addictions: Treatment and Prevention, Business Management, Business Data Analytics, Global Business Management, Mobile Application Development, Therapeutic Recreation, Paralegal, Marketing Management and many more.

The college offers courses in academic areas like Automotive Business, Community Safety, Business and Management, Design and Visual Arts, Engineering and Environmental Technologies, Health, Wellness and Sciences, Human Services, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, Liberal arts, Skilled Trades and Marine Studies. The college offers more than 130 programmes across its eight campuses.