Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Engineering Students 2021

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Engineering Students 2021

Engineers are highly in demand and among one of the most reputable professions in Canada. There are numerous engineering fields one can opt for a successful career ahead. Canadian universities and colleges offer high standard of education at an affordable tuition cost. Numerous internationals students planning on opting for a study program in 2021 might be interested in knowing the highest paying jobs in Canada for Engineering Students 2021.
There are numerous engineering disciplines with highest paying jobs in Canada for engineering students 2021 to opt for:

1. Civil Engineering Technician- Is one of the entry level jobs in domain of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Technician provide assistance to structural engineers, construction managers, environmental engineers and also assist in transportation and various other roles. Drafting, drawing up plans, reporting planning and support tasks are provided by Civil Engineering technicians. The average salary for Civil Engineering Technicians is $39,379.20 – $110,764.80 CAD.
2. Quality Assurance Technician- Is another profile which is highly reputable and among the high paying jobs in Canada for engineering students in 2021. As a quality assurance technician also referred as quality control technician offers their assistance and expertise in manufacturing and monitor manufacturing process. As a quality assurance technician they ensure the manufacture process for getting end product is going through a predetermined set of guidelines. They ensure consistent, high quality end product is delivered. Average salary for quality assurance technician is around CAD $66,000 – 95,000 annually.
3. Engineering Manager- Engineering projects are often lead and managed by engineering managers. Project requirements and execution is often overseen by project engineers or engineering managers. With their leadership component they supervise other engineers. The average salary of an engineering manager in Canada is CAD $56,250 – $149,729 annually.
4. Industrial Engineers- A branch of mechanical engineering, Industrial engineers focuses on optimizing systems and machines. Fields such as manufacturing, energy, IT and other domains have high requirement of industrial engineers. On average industrial engineers in Canada earn $39,379.20 – $110,764.80 CAD.
5. Project Managers- Project managers is another among the high paying jobs in Canada for engineering students 2021. Skilled Project managers with great leadership, planning and organizational skills are highly sought after. A project manager would organize, secure and manage the resources required for ensuring the project is successful. The average salary of a project manager is CAD $56,250 – $149,729.
6. Project Coordinator- Project coordinators offer similar assistance as project managers. Project coordinators offer organizational support but at a junior level. Similarly they earn around CAD 45,000-120,000 CAD annually.
7. Project Engineers- Have similar role as a project managers. Project Engineers pave way for engineering projects, keeping the entire team on track and also managing bids, specifications and materials. Similarly they earn around CAD 55,000-120,000 CAD annually.
8. Senior Civil Engineers- Along with onsite inspections, various other tasks and managing projects can earn somewhere between $62,000-$135,732 CAD.

There are other highest paying jobs in Canada for engineering students 2021- Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Transportation Engineers and various other profiles.

Salaries of Engineers: Trends in 2021

Now on an average the salaries of engineers in 2021 is around CAD $75,000. Further, the skill shortage of talented and skilled engineers has resulted in more and more immigrants being hired from overseas. Engineers are highly respected and among the most in demand jobs which are ranked for NOC 0 and A level.

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