Important information for study in Australia after 12th

Students wishing to apply for Australia study visa must take care of following things

Apply in time

This is of utmost importance .If you do not apply in time it may result in gap of your education. Having gap in your academic history is a serious concern for the case officer assessing your Australia student visa.

If you would like to study in Australia after 12th then you must not have any gap in between your 10 and 12th as well as no gap after 12th. This means that continuity in your studies is very important.

Timely applying for your Australia student visa is very important.

Another question which comes after this is

When should applicants apply for their Study in Australia?

The right time to apply for your Australia study visa is the academic year immediately after your 12th.

Example of right time to apply for your Student visa to Australia

Let’s say that you did your 12th in 2021 then the right time would be to apply before March 2022 .this is the right time as from April 21 to March 20 22 there won’t be any gap in your academic studies .if you delay applying for your Australia study Visa after march 2022 then there would be a gap of one academic year counted. This may cause serious problems with your application Australia. The Universities and colleges are very much concerned about any gaps the student may have. If there is any gap the student needs to have a very solid justification for the same because if you are not in continuation of your studies then this may cause serious concerns about you being a genuine student whose intent is to go to Australia to study. An applicant who would like to go to Australia for international studies would not apparently have any gap academic history. it may be a case that you completed your 12th in  academic year in 2021 and applied for your Australia student visa in sometime in January or February 2022 . There is this much time because there are other things you may have to prepare for your study in Australia application like appearing for English language test.

Good percentage of marks in 12th

The second point to take care if you would like to study in Australia is about the percentage of marks. To get admission into an Australian University or a college there is certain requirement of percentage in your 12t.h if you do not have that minimum percentage of marks then there are chances that you may not be able to get admission into your chosen program. The percentage of marks may depend on the board you may have done your 12th from. Let’s say that you are a student who has done his 12th from Punjab School Education Board and now is looking forward to do bachelors in business degree from Australia. you may be required to have at least 70% off marks in your 12th from Punjab School Education Board .This  percentage may be lower if you have done your 12th from a board like CBSE board or ICSE board