Post study work and visa extension options in Australia

International students have option of applying for Post Study Work once they have completed their Study in Australia. Under visa subclass 485 international students who have finished their study in Australia can work temporarily in Australia.

Under Visa subclass 485 there are 2 streams under which students can apply to work temporarily

 Graduate work stream

The visa duration for this stream is generally of 18 months. The students who have completed their study in Australia in a qualification leading to a occupation in demand in Australian labour market and is in the list of eligible skilled occupation are eligible to apply under Graduate Work Stream.

Post study work stream

Depending on the highest qualification a student has obtained the post study work visa for study is Australia is granted period of two, three or four year’s duration. If you have completed Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral (PhD) study in Australia you are eligible to apply under this stream.

  • For bachelors degree you get 2 years of Post study work Visa
  • For Master’s by coursework you get 2 years of Post Study Work Visa
  • For Master’s by Research Degree you get 3 years of Post Study Work Visa
  • For Doctoral Degree (PhD programme) you get 4 years of Post Study Work Visa


It does not matter in which field you have completed your higher degree for study in Australia. It could be any field- Doctoral (PhD) Bachelor’s / Masters in Business, computers, computer science, computer applications, Professional accounting, computer engineering, Mechanical engineering, MBA. The only condition is it must meet Australian study Requirement.

Australian Study Requirement

To meet the Australian Study Requirement you qualification must meet the following criteria

  • The course must be registered through CRICOS
  • The qualification either single or multiple must result in at least 2 academic years of study
  • The study must have been completed in at least 16 calendar months
  • You must have completed this study on a visa allowing study in Australia


Important points for consideration

  • English language courses cannot be considered under Australian Study Requirement and thus any duration of Language courses would not be included in 16 calendar months time.
  • 2 academic years are defined as 92 weeks of study in a CRICOS registered course. If the CRICOS says that the course is of 70 weeks but the student takes 92 weeks to complete the course then only 70 weeks would be counted.
  • If you have passed the course only then it would be considered under Australian Study Requirement.
  • If the course duration is 3 academic years and you have 2 academic years then 2 years would meet the academic study requirement.
  • Credits of study in a CRICOS registered course undertaken in Australia may count towards Australian Study Requirement.
  • If any student has undertaken a part of his qualification outside Australia and have completed at least 16 calendar months of the remaining qualification in CRICOS registered course in Australia he may qualify the Australian study requirement.
  • You must meet health and character requirements
  • You must not have any debts to the Australian Government
  • You must be in Australia when you apply for this visa


Applying for Temporary graduate 485 visa

You must apply for your Post Study work visa within 6 months of date of your course completion.

Processing time

The processing time varies between 2 to 4 months. This depends on the stream you are applying and of course and any other further information the case officer may require.

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