How to apply ACS skill assessment? Step by step description

ACS stands for Australian Computer society and for applicants planning to apply for Australia PR under skilled migration visa subclass 189 would be required to apply for skill assessment. For applicants who are IT professionals, are required to have ACS skills assessment in order claim points for the same. Here is the step by step procedure for ACS skill assessment.

ACS assesses skills for professional ICT level work experience precisely related to the nominated occupation from the ANZSCO list for the purpose of migration. One must selected appropriate occupation and consult the assessment authority for assessment. Another wise decision is to consult a Registered MARA agent in Chandigarh, West Highlander for complete assessment and assistance for skilled migration for Australia.

Step 1 Understand the Criteria for Department of Home Affairs

Before submitting your skills assessment for Australia, you must make sure that criteria by Department of Immigration and Border Protection is met by you. Ensure you are able to understand the details for your personal visa requirement or consult registered MARA agents in Chandigarh, West Highlander for ACS skills assessment.

Step 2 Selection of ANZSCO code

Selecting the right ANZSCO code is important as for availing points and ensuring you meet the skilled migration requirement. One must check the descriptions of employment duties for the particular ANZSCO code, tasks and roles, skill level requirement. Ensure your qualification as well work experience are related to the ANZSCO code and match closely the code you have selected.

One must research in advance and assess the employment duties for the most relevant ANZSCO code which are available on Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Computer Society (ICT ANZSCO list)

Step 3 Fill the Application Form

Ensure you follow the following suggestions while filling the application form for ACS Skill Assessment:

  1. Ensure you fill the application forms and upload all essential documents as copies in PDF format.
  2. Combine pages in one PDF documents for entry of each qualification and each employment.
  3. Your documents must be scanned at a setting of low resolution and no higher than 200 DPI.
  4. Ensure you upload as per the maximum limit for each PDF which is set at 3 MB.
  5. Do not protect your PDF files with a password and do not send read only files.

Once your ACS assessment is concluded you would receive an email from ACS with result letter which can be submitted to the Department of Home affairs as evidence of migration skill assessment.

Documents for ACS for Skill Assessment for Australia PR

Prior to submitting your migration skill assessment for Australia PR, ensure you meet the requirements set by Department of Immigration and Border protection. Consult a registered MARA agent in Chandigarh, West Highlander for assistance with your documentation procedure.

Following are the documents you need to submit for skill assessment for Australia PR via ACS:

  1. Certified copy of birth certificate or passport.
  2. If you have been married and your name has been changed then certified copy of your marriage certificate.
  3. Certified copy of your academic transcripts and award certificate or completion letter for Australian qualification.
  4. Certified copy of employment reference letter or third party statutory declarations.
  5. In case of recognition of prior learning (RPL) application, you would be required to submit an ACS recognition of prior learning form.
  6. Along with the documents, an applicant is required to submit a Curriculum Vitae/Resume as per the ACS guidelines.

Above mentioned all the documents are essential for claiming Australia PR points and to submit ACS for Skill Assessment. In order to get PR points, one can consult registered MARA Agent in Chandigarh, West Highlander for complete guidance and profile assessment.

Cost for ACS skill assessment

Following are the ACS skill assessment fee for various requirements:

  1. For Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment $475
  2. Post Australian Study Skills Assessment-$500
  3. Skills (general application) -$500
  4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)-$550
  5. Review Application-$395
  6. Appeal Application-$395