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If your partner is an Australian resident or a citizen then you may apply as a dependent spouse under visa subclass 309 to be with your husband or wife in Australia.

Visa subclass 309 is a provisional partner visa for Australia. The permanent partner visa for Australia is visa subclass 100. If you are offshore that is outside of Australia when you apply for Australia dependent spouse visa based on partnership with an Australian resident or a citizen then this is the visa category for you.

You apply for your temporary visa subclass 309 and along with it also lodge your permanent visa application subclass 100.

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The documentation to support your visa subclass 309 is very extensive. Applicants need to provide a range of documentation to support their application. Applicants need to provide documentation supporting the social aspects of the relationship, the financial aspects of the relationship, the common household duties they share as a couple and various other information related to the relationship.

The successful outcome of the visa subclass 309 application is largely based on your relationship with your Australian partner. If you fail to provide the required documentation there are very high chances that the application may be refused.

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Some basic conditions applicants need to meet to apply for visa subclass 309 and visa subclass 100. There are some restrictions which apply to the sponsoring partners.

Your partner cannot sponsor you for visa subclass 309 if

  • Your partner was granted partner visa 309 /100 or prospective marriage visa (300) in the last 5 years
  • Your partner has sponsored other 2 people on this visa subclass.

Processing time of partner visa subclass 309 for Australia

The processing time for these visa subclasses is about 9 months to 12 months. This means that after filing your case with the embassy you need to wait for about 9 months to one year for the decision of your application.

Another query which the applicants have is that

Do they need to wait for 1 year to join their partner in Australia?

The good news is that no. You have another option whereby you may join your partner in Australia.

You can apply for visitor visa subclass 600 the processing time of which is comparatively less than visa subclass 309. This is how it goes

  • Apply for Australia partner visa subclass 309
  • Lodge your visa subclass 100 along with this
  • After applying visa subclass 309 apply for visitor visa subclass 600
  • Get decision on your Australia visitor visa application
  • Travel to Australia while your visa subclass 309 is under process.

In this way you can be with your spouse in Australia