Minimum IELTS Score Requirements for UK Universities in 2021

Minimum IELTS Score Requirements for UK Universities in 2021

Last Updated on April 9, 2021 by West Highlander Team

Study in UK 

UK is one of the preferred locations for international students who are planning to opt for the excellent educational hubs with history of great traditions and faculties. For choosing to study in UK one can always choose a program with requirement one matches and then move up a level up. UK has several study options for international student to choose from.

Requirements for Studying in UK 2021

The requirement for studying in UK depends on the study program and levels. For most courses a student needs to meet the minimum IELTS score requirement or English language requirement. Further one needs to meet the academic record which is 65% and more for humanities stream and in case one is opting for science or commerce stream you need 70-80% score. Further, one needs to be 18 years of age and above.

Following are the documents commonly asked by universities in UK in 2021

  1. Copies of mark sheets of class 10th and 12th, bachelor’s degree (if in case possible)
  2. Academic reference letters from professors minimum 2.
  3. In case you have work experience then letters of recommendation from employers and managers is required.
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Resume
  6. IELTS scores or GMAT/TOEFL
  7. Proof of funds


Minimum IELTS score requirements for UK study program 2021

Undergraduate program- One must have completed minimum of 13 years of education and minimum IELTS score requirement is 6.0

Postgraduate program- For opting for a post graduate course in UK you must hold an undergraduate degree and should also have a good academic record along with good or excellent record in the subject you are planning to take on in master’s program. The minimum IELTS score requirement for postgraduate studies is 7. Further similar IELTS score requirement needs to be met for MBA or PhD program.

UK IELTS Score requirements for UK universities in 2021

  1. University of Oxford- Bachelor’s- 7.0, Master- 7.0
  2. University of Cambridge- Bachelor’s- 7.0, Master- 7.0
  3. Imperial College London- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  4. University College London- Bachelor’s- 5.5, Master- 5.5
  5. London School of Economics and Political Science- Bachelor’s- 7.0, Master- 7.0
  6. University of Edinburgh- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  7. King’s College London- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  8. University of Manchester- Bachelor’s- 5.5, Master- 5.5
  9. University of Bristol- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  10. University of Glasgow- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  11. University of Warwick- Bachelor’s- 5.5, Master- 5.5
  12. Durham University- Bachelor’s- 4.5, Master- 4.5
  13. University of Sheffield- Bachelor’s- 5.5, Master- 5.5
  14. Queen Mary University of London- Bachelor’s- 5.5, Master- 5.5
  15. University of Southampton- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  16. University of Exeter- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  17. University of Leeds- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  18. University of Birmingham- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  19. University of St Andrews- Bachelor’s- 7.0, Master- 7.0
  20. University of Nottingham- Bachelor’s- 7.0, Master- 7.0
  21. University of Sussex- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  22. Lancaster University- Bachelor’s- 4.0, Master- 4.0
  23. University of Leicester- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  24. Cardiff University- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  25. Newcastle University- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  26. University of Liverpool- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  27. University of Aberdeen- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  28. University of Dundee- Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0
  29. University of East Anglia- Bachelor’s- 6.5, Master- 6.5
  30. Royal Holloway, University of London -Bachelor’s- 6.0, Master- 6.0

Admission to UK universities without IELTS

There are several UK universities where one can apply without IELTS. The requirement for such is as follow:

  1. The universities can consider giving admission without IELTS with your English competence scores of class 10th and 12th.
  2. Your English language score from exams at 10th and 12th level would be considered in such universities.
  3. Further, one must be part of an English medium school where instructions were delivered in school.
  4. Also you may have to meet an interview requirement with the university you are planning to join.

Some of the popular universities which provide admission without IELTS requirement

  1. Birmingham City University
  2. The University of Bristol
  3. Sheffield Hallam University
  4. University of Warwick
  5. London Southbank University
  6. Northumbria University
  7. Robert Gordon University
  8. The University of Bolton
  9. University of Plymouth
  10. University of Portsmouth
  11. Swansea University
  12. University of Greenwich
  13. University of Central Lancashire
  14. Aston University

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