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New Zealand Embassy Telephonic Interview Questions for Student Visa

Study in New Zealand visa Interview is an important step to follow before you can get final confirmation about New  Zealand student visa.  Your interview can delay or fasten your New Zealand student visa processing.  Hence, it is crucial for you to prepare for the interview before you appear for it.  Visa interview is commonly taken by a visa officer on phone for New Zealand embassy. He may ask you a range of questions to ensure the information you are providing is genuine and your intentions are clear. Since the visa officer is a trained officer, he may ask you a variety of questions to know what your interests and objective are.  Students who prepare well for the interview find it easy and can easily get through the process. But students who do not prepare for the interview get rejected.

The team at West Highlander has compiled several common telephonic interview questions that are asked by New Zealand embassy visa officer for student visa. Going through these questions and preparing them well would increase your chances your success.

The New Zealand embassy interview process will start by asking you several introductory questions such as your name, passport number, date of birth, etc.   Once the visa officer has confirmed about your availability and identity, the main interview process will start.  The main questions asked in the main interview are given as below:-

Why do you wish to study in New Zealand and not in any other country?

You can talk about numerous higher studies and employment opportunities in New Zealand that are not available in other countries.  You can talk about the education system of the New Zealand and explain how studying in countries like NZ can give you global recognition and numerous opportunities. As to how study in New Zealand can make a difference in your career and life.

What are the contents of your course you intend to study in New Zealand?

Talk about the course of study you are enrolled into.  The aim of asking this question is if you are aware about your course.  You can go to the school website and get information about the course structure, semesters and subjects of your program.  Elaborate the course structure well so that visa officer can get to know you are interested in the course you are enrolled in. How this study in New Zealand course is different from others.

What is the scope of your course?

You can explain how it is related to your previous education and how it can bring you distinction.  You should be very clear about your future plans and how the course is going to add value to your profile.  You can talk about the employment opportunities that you will get after the completion of the course.

Where are you going to stay in New Zealand?

Mention if you have any relative or friends in New Zealand.  Answer this question in such a way that your intentions of visiting New Zealand are limited to study purpose only and you are not going there for settling permanently.   Assure visa officer that you will return back to your home country once the course of study gets completed. You should be aware about  accommodation options while studying  in New Zealand.

Why you have chosen specific university?

You can answer that you applied to several other universities and chose the specific university because of the reputation of the university and the program you require. You can talk about several specifications of the university that makes it different from the others. You should be aware about other competitive study in New Zealand options.

What are your TOEFL/IELTS Scores?

Tell your IELTS score is XXX and it meets the university requirements for admission. You should be aware about English language requirements for study in New Zealand and study permit.

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