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If you have your children, other close family or friends in New Zealand you may go to New Zealand temporarily to visit them. New Zealand has got a very clear transparent policy about temporary visitor visas.

Parents and Grandparents of New Zealand Citizens and Residents

If your child or grandchild is a New Zealand resident or a citizen you may apply under the parent grandparent visa category. Sponsorship from your child or grandchild is compulsory for this visa category. It is a multiple entry visa. The visa duration is for 3 years. In three years you can stay up to maximum of 18 months. At one time in continuation you can stay up to 6 months. The current processing time for this visa category is about 5 months.

Parents of students, work visas holders, residents and citizens

If your children are in New Zealand on any of this visa status you as a parent can apply for General visitor visa to meet them.  You can be granted visitor visa for 9 months depending upon your plans. One of the major conditions for grant of this visa is that you must be a bona fide entrant to New Zealand. The current processing time for this visa category is about 30 days.

Family of Work visa holders, residents and citizens

If you are a close family member of any of this visa holder you may apply as a General visitor to meet them. Immigration New Zealand needs to be satisfied that you are a genuine visitor and your purpose to visit New Zealand is only as stated in your visa application. For this you need to provide supporting documentation which proves that you have sufficient ties in your home country and that you would depart New Zealand at the end of your stay. The current processing time for this category is about 30 days.

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New Zealand Visitor Visa – Parents/ Family & Friends

Features and Benefits

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Steps in process

  • STEP-1 : Gather documentation of your relationship history
  • STEP-2 : Go for medicals & Police Clearance Certificates
  • STEP-3 : Gather other personal documentation
  • STEP-4 : Apply for your visa with Immigration, New Zealand


  • To successfully get your visitor visa you must prove that you are a bonafide applicant. You must provide along with your application the evidence that you genuinely intend to visit your kids in New Zealand. You must also provide evidence that you have enough funds for your proposed stay in New Zealand. The money must be legally acquired and earned. You must provide the documentation of your children whom to intend to visit in New Zealand; this depends on the visa category your child is in New Zealand.
  • Immigration New Zealand accepts applications from only licensed immigration advisers. Unlicensed immigration advice is strictly prohibited and results in refusal of your visitor visa application.
  • Ms Parwinder Kaur is a licensed immigration advisor licensed by immigration adviser, Licensed by Immigration advisor Authority New Zealand. She has got a full license and does not have any condition attached to her license. Being a full license holder she can independently handle your case with experience of successfully dealing with complicated cases. She has hot the knowledge to handle the cases appropriately which results in high visa success rate of the application.

Why West Highlander

  • Choosing the right visa category and providing supporting documentation is very important for the success of visa application. West Highlander has a tremendous success rate of family visa application. We look into the details f the case minutely so that it can be presented properly with the embassy. We have years of experience in dealing with complicated cases having a number of refusals before the case came to us. We successfully removed all the objections and we have a number of happy clients who successfully joined their spouses after applying for their visas through Ms Parwinder Kaur, Licensed immigration adviser by IAA, New Zealand.