Study Horticulture in New Zealand

Horticulture, being the culture of plants to sustain the various forms of life, forms the essence of livelihood by providing food, necessities, comfort, and beauty products. Horticulture has evolved over a long period of time from the shades of agriculture, although the former doesn’t include large scale crop production or animal husbandry. Horticulture is a wide term involving producing plants for human food and non-food uses that involves personal and social stands. The term encompasses plant conservation, soil management, landscape maintenance and restoration, garden design, construction, and arboriculture.

Horticulture in New Zealand

New Zealand is one among the largest exporters of horticulture produce owing to its huge variety of products, quality maintained in production, advanced technology and techniques of production, and benefit of economies of scale. In the year 2017, the horticulture industry of New Zealand has recorded a new high, valued at $8.8 billion; out of which exports were close to $5.12 billion. The growth in exports has been due to the finest and top-notch quality of products being made available to the rest of the world. Research, plant propagation and technological advancements have been given utmost importance in the industry due to which, the horticulture products of New Zealand are in highest demand. Among the various products, wine is largely exported by New Zealand owing to the reputation and premium quality product provided to the overseas markets.

Horticulture courses in New Zealand for International students

Apart from the large production and export of products, New Zealand is also home to a number of well received institutions offering quality and excellence in providing horticulture education to the students from all over the world. The top institutions providing education in horticulture arena are –

Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) – The program at EIT incorporates education in plant science, growing environments, plant health, growing systems, cultivation and propagation and much more. The education is provided in a practicum oriented environment under the able guidance of expert faculty members so as to enable students to become proficient in executing the task from the first day of their career. The students can opt for certificate, diploma or degree program as per their knowledge level and requirement.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) – The institution has earned a name in providing best research and innovation facilities to provide students with a hands-on approach in the real industry. The program at the institute also enables students to become ready to start their career on completion of their study program. The course curriculum is decisively designed to cover up all the core and ancillary aspects of study. Students can apply for the diploma, certificate or degree program in the institution as per their previous qualification. The institute also offers specialization in fruit production (Viticulture), Nursery production and General.

Career Opportunities in New Zealand in Horticulture industry

Students having completed their education can opt for an employment or can start their own practice. You can work in nursery sector, vegetable and flower industries, nursery propagator, amenity or orchard. The various profiles, one can work at, include horticulturists, nursery propagator, researcher, crop manager, horticulture consultant, cool store manager or science technician. There are ample career opportunities in the horticulture industry in New Zealand.

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