New Zealand is beautiful country and has developed international ambience in the educational world. Along with imparting top-notch quality education, New Zealand gives you a chance to dive into the adventurous world as well via bungee jumping, skiing, mountain biking etc. Moreover, tuition fees and living costs are low with profusion of working-opportunities to build great career ahead. Aspire2 International is the largest tertiary education institute providing plethora of courses for study abroad aspirants.

In 2016, the amalgamation of two New Zealand’s specialist international private academic institutions, NTEC Consortium and Queens Academic Group lead to formation of Aspire2 International. It is one the largest New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)-accredited Private Training Establishment (PTE) in New Zealand, registered since 1996. It is counted as the leading New Zealand training provider. Situated in New Zealand’s most vibrant and stunning cities, Aspire2 International provides a study abroad aspirant everything that is needed, during and after studies as well.

Aspirants who want to study in New Zealand can pursue internationally recognized qualifications in Business Management, Health Services Management, Marketing, Finance, IT and Computing, Engineering, Networking Administrators, Hospitality, Accounting, and Health Care Management. These courses are made available in four campuses:

  1. Auckland Campus
  2. Henderson Campus
  3. Tauranga Campus
  4. Christchurch Campus

Why Aspire2 International should be your priority when you decide to study in New Zealand?

While Studying

  1. Aspire2 International helps students with their CV and interview skills.
  2. Experts also find part time job opportunities and internship whilst studying.
  3. On landing at Airport, they provide pick-up facility for the student.
  4. Accommodation is provided for at least 2weeks.
  5. Laptop is provided at no cost for the students who are pursuing diploma.
  6. At no cost, orientation to New Zealand way of life, home country counselor and materials are available in your language at Aspire2 International and critical soft skills training to support future success is provided to International Students.

After Study is completed

  1. Helps the student to find job after the completion of the course.
  2. Also provide proper guidance from experts on further study.

After knowing the pros of Aspire2 International to study in New Zealand, contact West Highlander to have proper direction on the visa process and the requirements. Ms. Parwinder Kaur procured license from Immigration Advisers Authority New Zealand and can provide proper advice related to any of your immigration related queries.