Tips to clear Interviews to study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country to live and study. It is considered as one of the safest place in the world. While in New Zealand for studies, you get a chance to live in a beautiful country and experience multicultural environment. Students from many parts of the world come to study in New Zealand.

You must be a Bonafide Applicant in order to be granted a New Zealand Student Visa

The Case Officer must be satisfied that you are likely to meet the Student Visa Instructions U3.1.b.ii and E5.1.

Student Visa Interviews by Immigration New Zealand are a very crucial part of the Study in New Zealand Visa Application. The purpose of the Case Officer interviewing you is to gauge your intention to study and thus be satisfied that you are a Bonafide Applicant. You are spending a considerable amount of your family savings and income to study in New Zealand. The Case Officer interviews you to know whether your decision to study in New Zealand is an informed decision or not. Thereby, Case Officer puts you through a range of questions to confirm that.  To counter it, students must take care of the following points:

  • Your answers must not be generic.
  • You must know how your course is relevant to your present academic / work experience.
  • You must provide clear and specific reasons for choosing your proposed course.
  • You must provide specific reasons as how the proposed course would benefit you.
  • You must have a clear idea of the course contents. It must not be just the name of the contents. You must also understand what you would be studying and what you would gain after completion of course – learning outcomes must be clear.
  • You must be clear about your future plans. Again your answers must not be generic.
  • You must clearly explain about any gaps that you may have.
    Students need not panic about the interviews. You only need to be well prepared and should know that for what you are going to New Zealand, where are you going to study, which college/university and about the course are you going to study, why you have chosen particular college and course, what you would get after completing your studies, how would your family support you financially, what savings or family income are they spending on you. In short, you must clearly state your purpose- YOUR PURPOSE IS TO STUDY AND ALL YOUR ANSWERS MUST CLEARLY REFLECT THIS PURPOSE.

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