New Zealand study visa full cost

With the announcement of the New Zealand government about its border reopening in a phased manner the students can now apply for the New Zealand student visa for the cohort of 5000 international students whose visa processing would start in April 2022.

Students must know about New Zealand study visa full cost so that they can make an informed decision to study abroad in NZ.

New Zealand study visa full cost for 2022

If you would like to study in NZ then following is breakdown of the cost. Students must keep in mind that the funds requirement for New Zealand study visa is different from actually what you would be initially spending for the first year of your visa.

As a requirement for NZ student visa the students are required to show the funds for the entire duration of the course and cost of living.

There are various steps involved in the NZ study visa process. There may be cost associated at each of the step. The major cost the students would require to spend is of tuition fee and cost of living for 1 year at the initial stage of visa approval. Here we would be explaining the cost which the student may need to pay as a part of the application process.

New Zealand student visa first step Cost

The first step is to apply for admission to a university or a college. There is no application fee to apply for offer letter for study in NZ. Students can apply for free for offer of a place in their chosen course or program.

Cost in the Second step in the process of Study in New Zealand

After getting the offer letter the students need to prepare the visa documentation. They need to have funds for the course duration and cost of living in New Zeeland. At this stage the students need to show that they have the available funds. They need not pay at this point. In New Zealand the tuition fees is paid after Approval in Principal is received which is a great attraction for study visa aspirants. Here the students need to prepare documents like medical and PCC and may have to pay for this. These are very minor amounts.

Cost in the third step in the process of New Zealand study visa

After the students are ready with the visa documentation they need to submit their visa application online with Immigration New Zealand. At this stage the students need to pay visa fees. This is also a minor amount. After the application submission the applicants need to submit their passports at TT services for passport verification. Here also the students need to pay fees which are a very small amount.

Cost in the fourth step of the application process

Once you submit your visa application subject to receiving AIP you need to pay your tuition fee and or cost of living for one year. The tuition depends on the course you choose to study. It may also vary depending on the choice of your College University or ITP. The tentative amount of tuition fee is as follows

  • 1 year Diploma about New Zealand 17000
  • Bachelors program 1 year fees about New Zealand dollars 20000
  • Masters course 1 year fee about New Zealand dollars 22000
  • Graduate diploma 1 Year fees 18000 New Zealand dollars

Students are encouraged to check with the university or college they wish to study for the exact fee structure.

The students may also be required to transfer their cost of living for one year in an account in New Zealand bank under FTS scheme. Currently the amount is New Zealand dollars 15000 for one year.

Travel to New Zealand

Students have to spend for their travel cost to New Zealand. This entirely depends on the prevailing ticket rates when the student decided to travel.

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