Who can apply New Zealand student dependent work visa under new rules?

According to the new rules which came into effect on 26 November 2018 to be eligible to apply for a New Zealand spouse dependent work visa as a dependent of a student visa holder you must  meet the following criteria and provide evidence

  • Evidence that your partner is enrolled in a level 9 or above course or if a course at a level 7 or level 8 then that course is listed in the long term skill shortage list- LTSSL.
  • Evidence that you are married or in a de facto relationship
  • Evidence that you are in a genuine relationship
  • Evidence that the relationship is stable
  • Evidence that the relationship has been entered into exclusively with an intention to maintain it on long term basis
  • Evidence that the relationship is publically recognised
  • Evidence that you have lived together
  • Credibility of the information provided with dependent work visa application
  • Reasons for the inception of the relationship

Other than the above relationship criteria you must also meet the health and character requirements of Immigration New Zealand.
If you would like to accompany your spouse in New Zealand on a work visa it is highly recommended that you take advice of a licensed immigration adviser and discuss your options.
An applicant for a dependent visa of a New Zealand student visa holder needs to satisfy the above relationship parameters in order to be granted a work visa as a dependent of a student visa holder. While assessing the application the case officer needs to asses all of the above parameters. The applicants need to provide extensive documentation for this.
You need to provide verifiable documentary evidence to support your relationship with the New Zealand student visa holder. Failure to do may result in your spouse application being refused.
Every case is unique and your New Zealand spouse visa consultant needs to provide you with customised checklist. At West Highlander one of the key team members is a licensed Immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority having full license. Ms Parwinder Kaur has been licensed since 2010 and has till date served many clients successfully.