Study in UK after 12th – complete process explained

Steps to follow for Study in UK

  • Choose a University and a course
  • Apply for Admission in your chosen program
  • Receive offer letter
  • Prepare visa documentation
  • Apply for visa

Step 1 choose a course and university for study in UK

After their 12th the students can go for a Bachelors program in UK. These are normally of 3 years of duration.

Students can choose from a various range of Bachelors programs available. They can choose a program which is a logical study progression of their past studies as well as the career outcomes they wish to have.

For example students with commerce background can opt for courses like Business management in Finance, Business management in entrepreneurship, accounting and finance, marketing, hospitality

Students with Science background can opt for courses like computer science, artificial intelligence, engineering, clinical exercise and rehabilitation science, psychology.

UK has for a very vast range of courses.

While choosing a University to study students may consider many factors like the

  • Study focus
  • Study experience
  • Career outcomes

Another very important point to check is whether the University can recruit international students. The university must be a licensed student sponsor. For this university must be listed in the register of licensed sponsor.

Students may Google

UK list of licensed sponsors for students and check the official website

Students must take care that they choose a sponsor with good track record of compliance.

Step 2 Apply for Admission to Study in UK

After selecting the course and the University the students need to check the eligibility requirements and apply for admission into the program of their choice. The general admission requirements for undergraduate programs are

Students must have good scores in their 12th

They must have an IELTS band score of 6. Some universities may require higher evidence o English language students need to check with individual universities for their entry requirements

Reference letters may be required by some universities as an admission requirement.

Students need to write personal statements outlining their interest about the course and the University.

Interviews with the University are a very important part of the application process.

Step 3 Receive offer letter and proceed further with UK Study visa

Once the student has been accepted in a program the students receive an offer letter. After this they start the visa process. Students need to pay for the tuition fee and apply for CAS letter. CAS is confirmation of Acceptance of Studies which is given by the University. Students need to have this in order to apply for their UK Student visa.  Students must take care that they apply well in advance for their UK study visa

Step 4 Prepare documentation for UK Student visa

Pay your tuition fee and CAS letter from the University, CAS is a reference number which is to be filled in the UK Student visa application form.

Arrange the finances to support your student visa application. As the course you have opted is of 3 years duration you need to show that you have funds for first year of your tuition and cost of living. This can be shown in the form of a bank statement in your parents name or in your name. You may deduct the amount you have paid as your tuition fee to the University.

If your university is in London you need to show GBP 1334*9= 12006 as your cost of living and if your university is outside of London you need to have GBP 1023*9=9207 as a proof of your cost of living.

These funds must be held in your bank account for at least 28 days before you file your UK Study visa application.

Tuberculosis testing certificate from a Approved clinic

Other than these students need to have their current passports, English language ability and academic to apply for their UK student visa.

Step 5 Apply for Visa

Once you have successfully prepared your UK student visa documentation you are ready to apply for your visa,

  • There are online forms which are to be filled.
  • There is a visa fee of GBP 348 at this stage
  • You get the decision of your student visa in about 3 to 4 weeks.