Top Reasons to study in Quebec

Top Reasons to study in Quebec

Quebec is one of the most highly rated provinces in terms of number of universities and colleges. Being a bilingual province where you can get education in both French and English it has immense number of opportunities for students planning to study in Quebec under any study abroad Canada program. With number of technical and business schools as well as courses supporting the economy of Quebec for technology, agriculture, manufacturing, businesses, art, culture, health you name the course and a Quebec educational institute would be providing it.



Here are the top reasons to study in Quebec for an Indian student



  1. Tuition fees which is easy on your pocket


  • The cost of studying in Quebec is generally low for international students as compared to other Canadian provinces.
  • Further, Canadian tuition fees are lower as compared to many other study abroad destinations such as UK and USA.
  • Quebec is one of the most budget friendly education destinations in western world.


  1. Cost of Living is affordable


  • Be it accommodation, food, transportation, day to day expenses and other amenities costs are lowers in Quebec as compared to other provinces.
  • Quebec has 11 cities out of 20 which are least expensive Canadian cities to live in.




  1. A French Canadian Cultural blend


  • Quebec is largely a French speaking community as earliest Canadian settlers in the region were from France.
  • The architecture, traditions, culture and language are a representation of the same.
  • So imagine living in France while living in Canada at the same time.




  1. Bilingual Learning Opportunity


  • French is the official language spoken in Quebec, and both French and English are spoken across the province.
  • As a result, students can pursue an education in French and English, learn a new language, and study side by side with bilingual peers.
  • Further as an International student you also get the benefit of learning French in Quebec free of cost and you would be paid by the government to learn French.



  1. Picaresque modern setting to live in


  • Quebec is an abode to most breathtaking natural sights. Plenty of lakes, waterways, magnificent mountains, hills and provincial parks Quebec has a lot to offer to people planning to study in Quebec or apply for Quebec PR.
  • Montreal a city is again another destination which can offer you music, art, plays, sports, natural sights and adventures activities.
  • There are almost 120 festivals which are celebrated every year and the capital is a cultural hub to students planning to study in Quebec from all over the world.



  1. International cities


  • Quebec and the nearby cities boast of having a population which is 55% bilingual and 20% which is multilingual and 23% population is foreign born. The province is warmly open to all immigrants for the same reason.
  • For the same reason the province observed myriad of festivals such as Festival Internation Nuits d’Afrique, Arab World Festival of Montreal, Black history month and huge flavors of cuisines from all over the world.



  1. Promising Job market


  • The job market in Quebec ranks among the first in America for foreign investment.
  • The favorable job market has top notch industries for big data, life science, health technologies, aerospace, visual effects, video games , virtual reality and a lot more which allows international students with a study permit to gain a wide experience.
  • Also a study permit allows students planning to study in Quebec to work up to 20 hours per week and full time during vacations and breaks.


  1. Safe and Secure environment


  • Having a safe and secure environment is a major concern for foreign students. The public transit system in and around Quebec is highly efficient and safe. So traveling even in late hours after a busy study or work day is entirely possible.
  • Montreal has been ranked has the safest cities in the world according to The Economist.



  1. Cities designed for Human scale


  • Cities in Quebec have been designed to ensure that there is something for everyone available with easy accessibility.
  • The cities further have diverse neighborhoods with characteristics which are good fit for families, professionals and students.
  • From Little Italy to Old Montreal each area has a USP and entirely different look which makes it a assorted province to study in Quebec.


  1. Sports Entertainment


  • For sports enthusiasts, Quebec is the destination! It has a number of home teams for popular Canadian sports Ice hockey, football and soccer.
  • Further, there are many recreational sports places where you can try your hands at playing the game.
  • Montreal has a diverse climate and you can find public spaces to indulge in summer or winter sports according to the weather.



So, the bottom line being that there are enough reasons for aspiring students to study in Quebec. With leading institutions to provisions and facilities to stay and enjoy the culture the cities and the province in total can offer a lot to of reasons to study in Quebec.


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