Post study work and visa extension options in Canada

Post study work and visa extension options in Canada

Studying in Canada is a bright and attractive prospect for international students with several benefits of holding a Canadian degree. Other than this one gets the perk of living and learning in a multicultural diverse community, several Canadian scholarships, serene beauty and nature, several recreational options and moreover, plethora of job opportunities with great salary packages. However, a common question among international students is how to stay in Canada after graduation?

The answer to this huge problem for students is to look for post study work and visa extension options in Canada. Going forward we would be elaborating on post-study work and visa extension options in Canada for international students.

Post Study Work Permit after Study in Canada

A common query among students who are thinking ahead of after study in Canada visa extension options is what is post study work permit for Canada? Now in case you are an Indian student who is planning to look for options to work in Canada and visa extension option on your study permit your Canada study counselor would advise you to apply for post study work permit. In order to apply for post study work permit for Canada it is important to check the university or college you are studying in, is registered as a designated learning institute. Further, you must check with your Canada study visa counselor, West Highlander as not all courses are eligible for post study work permit and visa extension options.

Criteria for applying for Post study work and visa extension options in Canada

A candidate looking for post study visa extension options must fulfill these criteria:

  1. A student must be enrolled in a full time course at a designated learning institute.
  2. The student must have studied in a programme of more than 8 months duration. If your course’s duration is shorter than 8 months you would not be allowed for post study work permit.
  3. Student must be permissible to work off campus with no work permit.
  4. The students should not exceed the allowed work hours.

How long a student can stay in Canada with PGWP?

The amount of your PGWP for staying in Canada would depend on the length or duration of your Canada study program. However, in case your study in Canada course is less than eight months duration you would not qualify for a PGWP.

  1. If your course is more than 8 months and less than 2 years duration the PGWP you would be getting is equal to the duration of your course. Example- if the study course is for 1 year than you would get PGWP for the duration of 1 year.
  2. For a Canada study course of duration 2 years or more you get three years of PGWP.
  3. In case you have studied more than one course then you may qualify for PGWP for combine duration of the course. However, each course should be longer than 8 months duration.
  4. Another important factor is that your passport should be valid and up to date. You

How to apply for Post study work permit in Canada?

It is advised that a student applied for PGWP 180 days after finishing or graduating from your degree or study program. The key documents required to apply for visa extension in Canada:

  1. A letter of confirmation that student has completed course of study.
  2. Passport
  3. Study Permit
  4. Academic transcripts
  5. Certified copy of degree, diploma or qualification

Your visa officer may require additional documents once your initial application is processed. You could apply for the Post study work permit online and get regular updates on the status of your application. The cost of processing post study work permit is CAD 155 and for open work permit CAD 100 is required. So in total the student needs to pay CAD 255.

Processing time for post-study work permit in Canada

Once you have submitted your application the average processing time is about 80 days or approximately three months. This timeline of course is subject to change if you have to submit additional documents.

DLI institutes in Canada offering PGWP option

  1. Bow Valley College
  2. Stephen’s College (U of Alberta Campus)
  3. Rocky Mountain College
  4. Lakeland College
  5. MacEwan University
  6. Columbia College
  7. LaSalle College
  8. Trinity Western University
  9. University Canada West
  10. British Columbia Institute of Technology
  11. Camosun College
  12. College of the Rockies
  13. Langara College
  14. Royal Roads University
  15. Selkirk College
  16. University of Winnipeg
  17. Algonquin College
  18. Centennial College
  19. Conestoga College

Other than this a student can apply for open work permit option or employer specific work permit which are also good alternatives for visa extension and allow applicants to stay and work in Canada.

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