Top reasons to study in Montreal (Canada)


Canada is the top choice of students planning to study abroad. Among the most preferred province in Canada, Montreal is the choice of the students. Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec and second major in Canada. It is also known as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Canada due to the number of leading universities in the city. The environment of Montreal is full of vibrancy and offers multicultural and multilingual diversity. Four universities, seven degree awarding institutes and 12 vocational colleges are situation in Montreal. The post secondary students who are planning to study in Montreal constitute the highest numbers of international students. Being a huge city the options available to students in terms of accommodation, lifestyle, environment, culture and accessibility benefits are available as per every one’s pocket.


Reasons to study in Montreal: Canada


Global standards of Education



  1. Numerous universities are situated in Montreal, more than 60 recognized vocational training centers, and 60 colleges are presently situated offering courses for every skill level.
  2. These universities and colleges in the city boast of more than 200,000 numbers which are students alone in the city. Out of these 37,000 students are in Montreal for an international study program.
  3. Montreal has been declared the best student city in Americas by QS 2019 ranking.
  4. There are numerous colleges and universities which offer co-op programs that mean you can study and get work experience at the same time.
  5. As Montreal is a French colony there are opportunities to learn French and other free language courses in various universities and colleges.
  6. As a result of being proficient in an additional language, you can benefit during your Canada immigration plans in case you have any.





  1. Montreal is a huge modern city so it is natural that there are choices for an affordable and comfortable stay in the city.
  2. As compared to other cities in North American and Europe housing is twice as affordable as compared to cities like New York or London.
  3. For $350-$500 a month, you can easily find a comfortable stay in Montreal.



Cultural experience



  1. Montreal is known for its vibrant culture as it is a metropolitan city it boasts of live music, art galleries, sports events, recreational parks, and a naturally tranquil environment.
  2. There are more than 120 festivals in a year so you could easily enjoy and experience while being in Montreal for a Canada study abroad program.


Large International Population


  1. Montreal is a bilingual city boasting of 55% population which speaks both English and French.
  2. Further, 20% population speaks more than three languages. And 23% population in this modern city is foreign and brings in 120 cultural communities.
  3. This makes the city a welcoming place, no matter where you are originally from.
  4. The communities representing the population are: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Ukrainian, Indian, and American.


Secure and Safe stay


  1. The city has been ranked secure and safe city to live in the world and has been ranked 14th for the same by The Economist.
  2. In the entire North American, it bagged 4th position for the same.
  3. So students, who are traveling to international waters, do not need to worry about the safety and well being.



Prime location


  1. The location of Montreal is such that it provides an easy access to many major cities such Boston, New York, Washington D.C, Ottawa.



Employment rate


  1. The job market in Montreal is exceptionally strong and for students planning to study in Montreal continuous growth is possible.
  2. The large city is always in need of skilled talent to fill in the job requirements as per its labor market.
  3. Many industries such as aerospace, visual effects, health and life sciences, health technologies, fintech, big data, video games, virtual reality, engineering and IT are available to students to experience and harness their skills after completing their study in Montreal.


Autonomy to stay


  1. You get complete freedom to stay in Montreal after completing your program for study in Montreal.
  2. Canada post-study work permit is a popular choice for graduates who decide to stay in Canada and earn experience or later transition with Canada PR.
  3. For this students need to possess a degree, diploma or certificate from a DLI.


Top universities


Here some popular and top universities in Montreal to progress with your study in Montreal plan:

  1. McGill University
  2. University of Montréal
  3. Concordia University
  4. Polytechnic School of Montreal
  5. University of Quebec
  6. HEC Montréal


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