West Highlander welcomed Acsenda School of Management of Canada

16th August 2019, Friday – The team of West Highlander with the Director Ms. Parwinder Kaur and Managing Director Gurvinder Kang welcomed the representatives of Acsenda School of Management at West Highlander Study-Abroad Consultancy which is located in Chandigarh – North Region of India. This day was dedicated by Ms. Tanja Milosevic – Director of Recruitment and Mr. Vipin Rawat – Regional Sales and Marketing Coordinator (Punjab) – the Representatives of Acsenda to the students from India’s North Region who aspire to study programs related to Business and Management internationally. They enlightened us how Canada is one of the best countries to study Business and Management Programs. They emphasised on the Acsenda School of Management would be one of the smart choice for the ones who want to study in Canada and with that are looking forward to make career in the related Business and Management discipline internationally.

Acsenda School of Management is an international business management and leadership institution that offers undergraduate programs in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It emphasize a unique combination of small class sizes, open access to instructors and the use of the latest technology. They are able to get to know the students. They focus on understanding their strengths, and work with them directly to foster a deeper level of critical thinking and business management knowledge.

This Spot Evaluation & Counselling Session organised by the Acsenda School of Management concluded with the gratitude shown by the team of West Highlander to the Representatives of the Acsenda School of Management. West Highlander is highly thankful to their valuable time and the information they provided us regarding their international business management and leadership institution.

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