New temporary Canada student visa policy changes July 2020

Canada has once again proved that it loves International students. It has now come up with temporary change in its student visa policy to facilitate international students aspiring to Study in Canada during this global pandemic of COVID 19.

It was one of the first to announce that the students who complete their 50 % of the course outside Canada would be eligible to apply for Post Study Work rights meaning that the online part of the course would be counted as Study in Canada.

To encourage the students to start fall intake for Study in Canada, it has come up with a temporary Canada study visa policy change.

Below are the quick facts of the changes.
What is the new Change for Canada study visa?

Canada has introduced temporary stages for approval of Canada study visa application
What are these temporary stages of approval of Canada study visa?

There are 2 stages. First one is approval in Principle AIP  and second is eligibility or admissibility.

What is approval in Principle AIP stage for Canada study visa?

In approval in Principle AIP stage the applicants need to show that they have a unconditional acceptance from a Designated Learning institute in Canada, they have funds to support themselves while in Study in Canada and are fulfil other eligibility requirements. If the international students pass this AIP Stage they will be given Approval in Principle.
What is the advantage of this AIP- Approval in Principle for Canada student visa?

Due to the lockdown and closure of Visa application centres or other reasons applicants may not be able to provide Biometrics and Medical integral part of Canada student visa application. If the applicants are unable to submit biometrics or medical instead of holding the process of Canada student visa application the visa application would be given approval in Principle and students may start their classes online and avail the Post study work permit benefits.
What is the second stage of the temporary Canada student visa policy change?

The second stage is the final approval for which the students who have applied for Canada student visa need to fulfil the eligibility and admissibility requirements. These requirements include submitting Biometrics, Medical exams and police certificates if required. After the completion of this second stage the Canada student visa aspirants would receive a final approval.
If I get an Approval in Principle and start my course in my home country will this time period be considered eligible for Post study work rights?

Yes the international students if enrol online after AIP stage can count this study period towards PSW eligibility.
Is there some time limit for this temporary Canada study visa policy change?

Yes this temporary measure has been introduced to give international students assurance and certainty about entering Canada for their studies. This is available to students who start their program in fall semester and who submit their Canada student visa application before 15September 2020.