Genuine relationship- New update for Canada student spouse Visa

Last Updated on January 6, 2022 by West Highlander

There are certain updates regarding the Canada student spouse visa conditions which were announced in late 2021. One of the very important update is that in order to successfully get your Canada student spouse Visa you must be in a genuine relationship with your spouse.

Genuine relationship condition for Canada spouse visa 2022

It has now become mandatory that you provide evidence with your Canada open work visa application that you are in the genuine relationship with your spouse. If you fail to provide this evidence than despite your relation being genuine there are high chances that your visa application could be refused.

Important tips to apply for Canada open work permit as a dependent of student visa holder

  • It is now not only enough to provide your marriage certificate as a proof of your relationship with your spouse who is in Canada on a student visa.
  • You need to focus on documentation that you have relationship with your spouse which is genuine
  • Your circumstances must not reflect that you have entered into this relationship solely for the purpose of obtaining a Canada open work permit. If this is the case it may have a negative impact on your application and the case officer may refuse your application. So it becomes mandatory that you provide the documentation which proves that your relationship is genuine and it has been entered into with the intention of maintaining it on a long-term basis and maintaining it on an exclusive basis.

A genuine relationship would cover all the aspects of the relationship .The few aspects of relationship maybe financial aspects, public aspects, social aspects.

So you need to provide evidence of all the aspects of the relationship with your Canada open work permit application based on the student visa of your spouse in Canada.

It has become mandatory for the applicants to complete their application in such a way that the relationship aspect of the application is highlighted properly .For this applicants may need the services of a Canada student visa spouse consultant who can help you with the process. The best Canada student spouse visa consultant would have the experience and expertise to help you with their spouse visa application to Canada. West highlander based in sector 34A Chandigarh having office near Passport Office Chandigarh is one of the best Canada open work permit  consultant in Chandigarh and have an outstanding success rate with Canada dependent visa applications.

West Highlander Immigration for your Canada open work permit visa

The expert and experienced team at West highlander understands that  every case is unique and a single checklist may not serve the purpose for all of the applicants .At West Highlander we  have detailed discussions with  clients and then prepare a customised check list which shows all the aspects of the relationship so that the case officer may be satisfied that your relationship is genuine and you have not entered into this relationship only for the purpose of getting a Canada open work permit.

Requirements for Canada open work permit 2022

There are some other basic requirements which the applicants must fulfil in order to apply for spouse open work permit for Canada.

  • Your spouse must be enrolled in a DLI college in Canada
  • Your spouse must have a valid student visa
  • Your spouse must be enrolled in a course which has got post graduation work permit rights after completion of the program

These are the basic conditions applying for Canada spouse open work permit

The documentation for open work permit for Canada is quite extensive. Single checklist may not be applicable to every applicant as the situation for each individual is unique so you need to prepare a documentation which reflects your circumstances.  For this you must take the services of an experienced consultant who can help you provide the documentation which shows the Inception and progression of your relationship.

Documentation for Canada student spouse visa 2022

The documents which the applicants need to provide are

  • Personal documentation,
  • Relationship documentation and
  • Financial documentation

In personal documentation the applicants need to provide the passport copies of all passports they have held, their qualification, experience they may have. It is not enough to attach a work experience certificate. The applicants need to provide other verifiable income documents like salary slips, bank statement in which the salary is credited, income tax returns PF accounts and various other proofs .Applicant also need to provide financial documentation where they need to have funds of about 4 to 5 lakh Indian rupees to support themselves while they are in Canada on spouse open work permit