Conditions to be observed during Canada student visa

Study in Canada is a very important decision for international students. Getting a visa approval is the first step towards your study in Canada journey.  As a student visa holder there are many Canada study visa conditions you need to fulfil. Students need to know about these conditions as well as what they mean in order to fulfil them.
After getting their visa approvals International students must discuss with their Study in Canada consultant about these conditions so that they are well aware what they can do and what they cannot while in Canada.
Below are the Canada student visa conditions international students need to follow while on Canada study visa

  • Students must be enrolled at a designated learning institute- DLI
  • Students need to show that they are actively attending their course while on Canada student visa. There are number of ways students can prove this like enrol with a DLI- Designated learning institute during every academic semester. International student with Canada study visa can exclude the scheduled breaks from this.
  • You must not take authorised leave which exceeds 150 days on your Canada study visa.
  • If you change your DLI you must inform about this to the immigration. If you do not give this information about change in designated learning institute you risk breaching your study in Canada visa conditions.
    The students have a further question in mind how does immigration check whether they meet their Study in Canada visa conditions.
    There are many ways international student prove that they meet their Canada student visa conditions like

  • Showing official document regarding enrolment status with DLI
  • Showing official transcripts
  • Documentary evidence of any authorised leave you may have taken
    Risk associated with not observing Canada study visa conditions

  • Students may be asked to leave Canada
  • They may have to wait for a certain period – 6 months to apply for ant new Canada study visa, visitor visa or work visa in Canada
  • It could have a potential negative effect on any further visa applications they may wish to apply for Canada
    So there is high risk involved if students while on Canada study visa breach their visa conditions. It is mandatory that you understand thoroughly what you can do and what you cannot do while in Canada. Your study in Canada consultant may help you with this.