Representative of Mount Allison University, Canada visited West Highlander

21st August 2019, Thursday – Mr Chirag Arora, the Representative of Mount Allison University located in Canada visited West Highlander in Chandigarh – India. We are thankful for their precious time which he spent us providing valuable facts about the Mount Allison University.

Having its history dating back to the 18th Century, Mount Allison University in New Brunswick Province is one of the reputable universities of Canada. This is primarily an undergraduate university which has been ranked the top undergraduate university in the country 20 times in the past 28 years by Maclean's magazine, a record unmatched by any other university.

This university has taken many steps which accumulatively lead it to become Canada’s #1 Undergraduate University. By studying at the Mount Allison University, you’ll earn a world-recognised degree which will help you to build a great career path ahead in the future. By studying here, you get a unique opportunity to design your own degree by yourself by choosing from over 40 minor electives. This is also providing number of scholarship who’ll be coming outside Canada to study in Canada.

For education purpose, Canada makes a great country. To know in detail regarding Mount Allison University in Canada and guidance on study in Canada, reach West Highlander. Get to talk to our Director Ms Parwinder Kaur who is Canada Course Graduate and 15 years of experience in counselling students who desire to study in Canada.