Where I can apply to study in Germany?

Germany as an educational-destination for the International Students has lot to offer. In this, one can count the following benefits if planning to study in Germany:

  • No/Low Tuition Fee
  • World-Class Education Environment
  • Globally Recognised Qualification
  • Study-Gap Acceptance
  • Work-While Study
  • Job-Seeker Visa Permit
  • Hub of Work-Opportunities
  • Blue-Card System for getting PR for Germany

And many more...

As an International Student as per your profile and preference, it becomes necessary to understand that where you should apply to pursue your further qualification. In this respect if you’re planning to study in Germany, you can apply in the following types of Education Providers.

In Germany, the Education Providers are basically divided into Public (State) or Private. The Public Universities in Germany are financed by the Government where an International Student can study for FREE or at very low tuition fee charges but Public Universities charges bit high. Both Public and Private provides high quality education which are further divided into:

  • Universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences
  • College of Art, Film and Music


Universities focus more on providing theoretical knowledge to the students. The programs offered are academically-oriented. Among these universities, there are certain which specialise in a particular subject area. These Universities are known as the Technical Universities - (Technische Universität, TU) or Colleges of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule, PH).

These universities also provide Doctorate or Research Programs as well unlike Universities of Applied Sciences.

Universities of Applied Sciences

These universities are famously called Fachhochschulen and Hochschulen in Germany that focuses on providing the programs that grants practical-approach to the students. Here, your overall education focuses more on the professional application than stressing on theoretical learning. In this generally the courses are provided in the field of technology, economics, social work or medicine. At the end of the course, you get to apply your learning through work placements or projects in Germany or abroad.

At Universities of Applied Sciences, you cannot study Doctorate Level programs.

College of Art, Film and Music

The students who want to have career in artistic line like art, film, music etc, Germany provides a great range of College of Art, Film and Music. For admission, one needs to demonstrate their talent.

Dual Universities

In order to pursue a cooperative study program, Germany has set of Dual Universities. These universities provide the programs which links your academic learning and training to your entry in the professional world. Universities of applied sciences and universities of cooperative education, as well as individual universities, offer these types of degree course. A dual study programme combines academic studies with vocational training or practical phases in a company.

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