Visa Outcome

Have you got your visa refused? You need not to worry, because in most cases you can re-apply, appeal or request review. Australia and New Zealand have very fair system in dealing with visa applications. However, many people may get their visa refused because of incomplete information, forged documentation or misrepresentation. In most cases they apply for visas, but they do not have access to have enough information. They rely on publically available information.

Though you may apply for visas on your own, but in most cases expert advice is highly recommended. There is a misconception that professional advice costs thousands of dollars, but actually most genuine consultants will charge you a small fee.

We have been into the business of visas and migration since 2005. In the last 12 years we have not only gained expertise in visa applications, but also gained a lot of information about the process. We are licensed and regulated in both Australia and New Zealand.

Licensed Immigration Adviser Licensed by IAA New Zealand, license number 201002008
Licensed from Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)- 1280308
Member of Migration Institute of Australia membership number 5824

We at West Highlander are efficient in managing your previous refusals. If people had many refusals they can approach us to convert their refusals into visa approval. We have years of expertise in handling such cases. Our past experience makes our success rate extremely high and unprecedented.

We are one-stop-solution for all your visa refusals who assist you in getting your visa approved hassle-free. People, who have faced visa refusal for more than 4 times or more visa refusal of New Zealand or Australia, can approach us as we make their appeals and reapply their applications. If you want to appeal against a decision made by Immigration New Zealand, Australia get in touch with us. Our immigration lawyer meticulously assesses your case which assured you that no error is occurred in your case processing.

It is legal process which can only be managed by expert like us who have a great past history in resolving refusal cases, especially on these:

  • Spouse and Dependent visas
  • Student visas
  • Family Visas
  • Skilled migration or Skills Assessment
  • Business Migration