Australia dependent visa refused? Can I reapply?

As per the Australia student visa policy applicants interested for study in Australia can apply for the dependent visa of their spouses and kids. Applicants can apply along with their Australia study visa application or later on as subsequent entrant.

It is very important that you apply for your Australia study visa with spouse properly and as per the policy else your application may be refused.

Below we would be discussing one of the common reasons of refusal for Australia student spouse visa.

Refusal on GTE grounds

This is one of the very common reasons for refusal of your dependent visa to Australia. The visa officer is not satisfied that you fullfill the GTE requirement of the policy. GTE stands for Genuine Temporary Entrant to Australia. The case officer may have doubts about your intention to travel to Australia and hence is not satisfied that you meet GTE criteria of the policy which results in refusal of your application.

Above is the main reason of refusal for the application.

There may be some other doubts the applicants may have in their mind. Below are few of the queries addressed.

Query 1

My marriage with my spouse is genuine. I have attached all the proofs with my dependent spouse visa application visa subclass 500 to Australia. My application is refused.


The case officer assesing your application may not have doubts about your relationship. Relationship is one if the aspects of application processing.
As explained meeting GTE criteria is very important for the success of your application. Your relationship may be genuine but if you fail to meet the GTE condition there are high chances of your application to be refused. So be very specific about the GTE conditions and make every effort that you address all the GTE points.

Query 2

I have very extensive documentation to support my relationship with my spouse who is Australia study visa holder. I also have funds to support myself while in Australia on dependent spouse visa. Do I meet the GTE criteria?


You need to fulfill certaim mandatory conditions for this visa. Being in a genuine relationship and having supporting documents for the relationship is one of them. Other mandatory requirement is to have enough funds to support yourself.
Other than meeting these 2 mandatory conditions you need to pass the GTE criteria as explained.

GTE factors

There are various factors the case officer considers while assessing your dependent visa case.

What are your circumstances in your home country?

What family ties you have in your home country?

What financial ties do you have in your home country?

What is your level of establishment in your home country?

What are the factors which would encourage you to depart Australia?