BBA in Canada after 12th Requirements in 2023

Indian students who want to study in Canada after their 12th standard must know the requirements of the different colleges and universities that offer BBA courses in their universities and colleges. All Indian students who aspire to study BBA in Canada must be aware of the requirements before applying to different colleges and universities. Some universities require particular subjects to pursue a BBA in Canada. Students must be aware of the subjects they should choose before applying to universities and colleges in Canada.

The goal of this blog is to enlighten you with all the important facts and requirements that one needs to know about the requirements offered by the universities and colleges offering a BBA in Canada. The West Highlander is the best visa consultant in Chandigarh and is always there to help you out and answer all the questions that need to be answered before choosing an appropriate college for a BBA in Canada. The common requirement that dominates all the courses in the universities and colleges is proficiency in the English language, and Indian students can take the IELTS and TOEFL exams to show their knowledge of this particular language.

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Here is a list of things for BBA in Canada After 12th Requirements in 2023

Colleges and universities have some requirements that have to be fulfilled by students who want to take the BBA course in Canada. Indian students must keep in mind that some universities ask for a Letter of Recommendation and a certain IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL score. In addition to this, they also need certain subjects in order to grant admission to Indian students. BBA in Canada after 12th grade requirements are given below:

Academic requirements: To become eligible to apply for BBA in Canada, Indian students must have completed their 12th class education successfully, preferably in the commerce stream. Mostly, mathematics and English are the required subjects for this program.

Official transcripts: International students must attach the official transcripts of their previous education while applying for BBA in Canada.

Letter of Recommendation: A strong Letter of Recommendation can make your application strong and your credibility as a student stronger. All the universities ask for a letter of recommendation when you apply there, while colleges in Canada don’t require any letter of recommendation to get admission. Universities like Waterloo, the University of Toronto, and McGill University all require a letter of recommendation from the students who want to get admission to their university. Colleges like St. Clair College, St. Lawrence College, and many more.

IELTS – International English Language Testing System is an examination that must be qualified by the students to show their English language proficiency and that they will understand the language in which the courses are prescribed. To be eligible for admission to a BBA program at a university, one must score 6.5 bands overall, no less than 6 bands in each subject. To get admission to colleges, one needs to score six bands overall.

TOEFL– Test of English as a Foreign Language is another requirement by universities to check English language proficiency. This examination is also a must to check how well you know the language in which the curriculum is set.

Statement of Purpose- This is common for every Indian student who wants to go to Canada for any reason, and there are some key points that need to be mentioned in the statement of purpose, like academic and work backgrounds, career opportunities, language score, and how my study is related to the previous course.

All the above-mentioned things are essential for the BBA in Canada after the 12th requirement. All of these requirements must be fulfilled in order to get admission to BBA courses in Canada. Another major requirement is that students must have math as a subject in the 12th standard and must have scored 68% in the 12th standard.