Environmental Sciences Course at Lakeland College, Canada

Growing population and advanced living standards are putting pressure on our environment because of which there has been a significant increase in the environmental problems. The world is complex and human activities are hard to reverse.   Environmental science is the study of the man-made and natural environment.  It is the study of how biological and physical processes maintain life and how humans contribute to it.  The subject environmental studies entail understanding the environment and how to tackle the various issues related to environment.

 Basic aspects of Environmental Science Degree

In an environmental science degree, you will gain necessary skills and knowledge from a variety of fields.  The most common aspects are social sciences, marine sciences, geography, physics, chemistry and biology.  The idea behind combining all these aspects is to help students develop a better understanding. Students will get an opportunity to learn and experience different habitats, land formations, and societies.

Environmental Science program at Lakeland College, Canada

 The environmental science program at Lakeland College, Canada is meant to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students aiming for a brighter career in the environment field.   There are more than half a million environmental jobs in Canada right now. Lakeland College, Canada help students develop competencies in the field of plant identification, soils, ecology, aquatic systems, environmental sustainability as well as mapping and GPS.

Admission Requirements

In order to seek admission in environmental science course at Lakeland College, Canada, there are several requirements that you need to meet, which are given as below:-

  • Minimum 50% marks in grade 12
  • Minimum 50 marks in Biology and Math
  • Minimum 50% in Diplomas/Bachelors
  • Required IELTS Scores- 6.0 Overall

Going green is not just a right thing to do, but is about making a right career move.  Green jobs are highly in demand these days and skills required include resource stewardship, reclamation and remediation, renewable energy, land management, etc.

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